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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by zetaskully, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. zetaskully

    zetaskully Tentacle Wrangler

    First of all, I know nothing about modding or coding whatsoever and I'm trying to learn. So you'll probably have to explain these things to me like I'm five.

    I'm trying to make a bunch of custom decorative and furniture items for Starbound to use in my spaceship builds. The first one I'm trying to make is a sofa, seen here:

    I've made decent progress and the item appears in game when I spawn it in, but it's invisible, and I'm confused on how to fix it. Other advice on how to make other custom objects would be great, thanks.

    .object file:
    .frames file:

    Posted in modding discussion because I get an error when posting it in Modding Help.
  2. Zaakari

    Zaakari Zero Gravity Genie

    Hmm, I'm not certain, but I had a look at one of vanilla objects (lavalamp1 to be specific), and its ".frames" file has the first frames' names as "something.1".
    So I would say try changing "default.0" in your frames file to "default.1", and see what happens.

    Some advice I would give, is to look at Starbound's base assets (vanilla files, as I refer to them) if you are ever unsure of how to do something. If you haven't unpacked them yet (or don't know how to), I can explain the process to you.
    Also looking at other mods (that do something similar to what you are wanting to do) can be helpful, if you can't find what you need in the vanilla files.
  3. zetaskully

    zetaskully Tentacle Wrangler

    I've already done that. I have all assets ready to use. I've scrapped the first file and copied the files for woodencouch2 (Blue Vanilla Couch) and renamed a few things. It also appears in game but it's still invisible. I would really appreciate some help.

    EDIT: Alright, placed down the object and after a few seconds my game randomely decides to crash and completely delete my custom buildable shipworld. Thanks Starbound. Fuck this, I give up.
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  4. Zaakari

    Zaakari Zero Gravity Genie

    That's painful.
    If you ever decide you want to try again, maybe post all your couch files (in a zip), and I can test it on my computer.
  5. Charlesbuica

    Charlesbuica Yeah, You!

    I tried editing the opening screen.

    The problem I have is when the game opens, I see my custom opening screen, but after 2 seconds it changes to the original one. What did I do wrong and how do I fix this?
  6. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    You're better off making your own thread instead of trying to get help in this unrelated one.

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