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Discussion in 'Mods' started by sheetcakeghost, May 23, 2016.

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    He looks amazing!
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      The recreation continues. Antoine has decent range of expressions and I've managed to save the old walking sprites (and made minor edits to match his new hair.) Unfortunately I only have the apron versions so I'll need to redo any non-apron sprites. NBD on that though.

      I've been really reconsidering how I want his story to go. While I dig him being a baker, running a shop might be more coding than I'm willing to take on. I'm considering taking him a few different directions, one being that he cleans up and runs the bathhouse once it's unlocked (much like Pam drives the bus). Maybe he becomes a cook (or just maintains) the community center if it's chosen. I could have him working at Joja's until then.
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        Antoine sprites complete. You'll notice a bit of a color change. The ports have been edited to reflect that too. The glasses are on a separate layer since I'm not happy with them right now. They might be subject to change. (There are actually more sprites than this, but I'm not showing them because they're a surprise.)

        I've got his plot worked out now (loosely) so I really just have to figure out how to write his script, how to get him running around the game, and if I'm actually going to give him items to sell or not.
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          Playin' games and doin' chores.
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            Im glad you continued !!
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              Hi everybody! So I'm afraid I had to factory reset my laptop meaning the mod that I very nearly had in a releasable state got totally wiped! I don't really have the time and energy to undertake it all again so I'm afraid this mod is going to be discontinued for now. Thanks for the support and I'm sorry this isn't going to come through. That said! If anyone wants to use the assets I made for their own, similar mod feel free to! I'd love to see Antoine come to life.
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                Oh too bad. I am sorry you lost your amazing work.
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                  Do you have any of the sprites/tilesheets backed up anywhere? :( It sucks that you lost so much progress. I hope you don't have any more issues.
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                    Oh no....
                    What a pity...:eek:
                    • sheetcakeghost

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                      I actually do have some of the art files backed up! What I lost was scripting, dialog, and some of the on map assets like his shop (that went through all of the seasons if you had the seasons mod.) I'd also planed on making alternate versions of his sprites for the seasons, but never managed to get them to look right (I'm not an artist so drawing is hard.)

                      Anyway, I'll go ahead and toss the sprite pngs up here for folks to use.


                      [​IMG] [​IMG]

                      Took me a while to get those. They're psds originally and my photoshop went with the reset so I had to re-install it, but it's an oooold version and win 10 doesn't like it. It took some finagling.

                      There is another sprite sheet that I was holding back on because it would have been a plot spoiler, but I'll go ahead and share it too since the likelihood of me ever getting this made are sliiiim.


                      That is also Antoine. His plot was deeply tied to the community center. He's a junimo who got the wizard to give him a human form so he could interact with humans and try to help his friends, then as he got to know them, the people of the town. If you finished the center's kitchen he would go to it every morning to make breakfast for his friends, if you destroyed it he would just disappear from the game entirely.

                      His completed and functional plot scenes included:
                      • adopting a cat from Marni
                      • punching Morris in the face when he comes into the shop and offers to buy him out (I didn't manage to get art together and was using green stand in blocks, this was one of the biggest reasons I had to stall release as I wanted to hire a proper sprite artist to put it together for me)
                      • having the wizard's gift start to falter making him randomly turn into a junimo thus making him invisible to adults who were not sensitive enough to see junimos, this also created ambient dialog of the kids and Emily mentioning seeing a "funny pink thing" running around town
                      • a scene on the beach where he's trying to catch fish for his new cat but not being able to bait the hook because the bait was still alive (much to Willy's amusement)
                      • a dating scene if the player wants to date him where they have a picnic in the mysterious forest and it gets crashed by a bunch of slimes that are attracted to a jar of 'special jam' he made and broke while handing it to the player
                      • the big reveal where if the player gets him to red friendship hearts he tells them what he really is and trusts them to keep his secret
                      • a scene of him showing up inside the player's home to ominously curse them if they destroy the center that I was going to cut because I couldn't get the art assets to work right and the curse would never have any follow through anyway
                      • fluff dialog of various townsfolk commenting on Antoine, how strange he is, and a few of them lamenting they never seem to have time to go to his shop and buy anything (this was because I didn't want to edit too much of the movement of the townsfolk so that the mod didn't conflict with any other mods that might do the same)
                      • fluff dialog from Antoine about the townsfolk, his cat, and the player being 'a bit different from the others'
                      Stuff I was thinking about adding:
                      • being able to buy things from the shop, as it was you could go in but instead of opening a shop window he just gave you a free food item on fridays, I didn't have the coding prowess to do much else
                      • having him turn into a junimo for longer than one scene and having the player help him by getting a particular crystal from the mines to give to the wizard, this was another thing that was beyond my ability to code
                      • having sprite art of him actually turning into a person in front of the player for the big reveal, as it was he just ran away and the player found him behind the center as a junimo
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                      • Alkanthe

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                        Ohhh! Wow, that's really cool-looking... you really developed him since I last saw!

                        I'm sorry about the loss though... dang.
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                          Man, that really sucks. I would definitely look into getting something like Undelete Plus and run it ASAP. There is a possibility it's not all gone forever but the more that is added to your harddrive will overwrite those sectors thus destroying it forever.
                          • stm.vol

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                            Hey, can I pull Rose and Antoine into the Refugee NPCs mod? I know you mentioned it in the OP but I just wanted to make sure it is still cool.
                            Its essentially a collection of NPCs that have been created but aren't actively maintained. You wouldn't be giving up future creative rights, it'll just keep the "character" alive by putting the two in a scenario where they are refugees from the war in a temporary hostel. I'll try to keep them as close to the description/conversations you have created but it'll be much simpler in terms of events and such.
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                            • sheetcakeghost

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                              Go for it. Coding out Antoine was not at all fun so I have no plans to try and do it again, especially when the new updates to the game would have totally broken him anyway. d: Clearly his storyline as conceived doesn't quite line up with what you're wanting to do with your narrative, so you have my full permission to change it however you see fit. Good luck with your mod and have fun. I'll be sure to look it up if I ever return to the game in the future.
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