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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by LazerRay, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. LazerRay

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    I just started a simple mod I call "Craftable Ship Lockers", and I'm looking for a few tips on making the ship lockers breakable with just a patch file and setting crafting recipes for each race.

    The reason why I'm looking just to use a patch file for the BlockKey is so my mod can be cross compatible with custom ships, as for the specific crafting is to reduce clutter and so each race can make their respective ship lockers.

    The idea for this mod came from the fact I was always having storage issues on my ship and most containers were either too small slot wise or too big object wise, plus a mod I used to use to obtain extra lockers died. I have a feeling that other people have also had similar problems with storage on their ships.
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    For a blockkey patch:
        "op" : "replace",
        "path" : "/blockKey/3/objectParameters",
        "value" : {
          "treasure pools" : [ "apexStarterTreasure" ],
          "level" : 0.5,
          "unbreakable" : false
    Just make sure this file is in a directory parallel to the specific species ship you are changing.
    Also change the 'treasurePools' key to correspond to whatever species you're working with.

    For the recipes, you'd need to define the craftable ship locker for each race in their .species file under 'defaultBlueprints.'
    (After you made the recipes of course.)
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  3. LazerRay

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    Thanks for the tip with the blockkey system, now to figure out the species file patches, I already made crafting recipes based on the ones from the storage lockers already in the base game.

    The small patch files also have another benefit, it makes it easy to make my mod compatible with custom races too.
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