Making a Discord Channel for Multiplayer (switch)

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Rickytan253, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Rickytan253

    Rickytan253 Poptop Tamer

    So since nintendo hasnt given us a proper message and chat system, i have made a discord channel so people can join, look for anyone on wanting to play multiplayer. Doesnt have to just be Stardew Valley, im sure plenty of us have smash bros, pokemon, and plenty other games theyd be down to jam but the more switch users we can get in here the easier it will be to get games goin. so here is the link, feel free to share with your friends!
    • SteadfastWallflower

      SteadfastWallflower Space Hobo

      Heya, Id love to join your discord server and a stardew valley game, but your link doesnt work.
      • Rickytan253

        Rickytan253 Poptop Tamer

      • farmergrant

        farmergrant Space Hobo

        Can you send a new link if this is still a thing? Also feel free to add me on switch FC: SW-1848-3040-4327
        • SteadfastWallflower

          SteadfastWallflower Space Hobo

          You can add me on discord @swingset#9285
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          • FireflyofDoom

            FireflyofDoom Aquatic Astronaut

            I'm interested in joining but the invite link has expired! X.x Can you send a new one??
            • yoshisisland

              yoshisisland Space Hobo

              Invite link is expired ):

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