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Makeshift Mutiplayer. Issue

Discussion in 'Support' started by Empireo, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Empireo

    Empireo Aquatic Astronaut

    So i have been playing since last weekend with a friend Stardew Valley Multiplayer with the Makeshift Multpiplayer MOD on SMAPI 1.8 (stardew 1.11) toghether with Hamachi as connection.
    I always hosted the game and he joined via my Hamachi IPv6 Adress.

    But since we tried to play today there has occured the same problem everytime no matter what i tried, i reinstalled SMAPI (trying stardew next not yet) deleted all the other MODS in mods file and tried turning our firewall off just for the sake of it maybe not working cuz of that (no succes).

    So, everytime i host and he joins the message "killea003 (my friend) has joined) and i press start and then comes the black loading screen with the little "Loading..." text comes up, just that my game freezes there. The loading gets stuck on on of the 3 dots progress "Loadin./Loading../Loading..." and windows reports that the programm has sopped working/responding (while on his screen it will just load forever whilst the dots go on.

    As soon as he turns the game off tho, i spawn in my bed in the game at the point where we both should have laoded, alone with the message "killea003 has disconnected" "No more clients (or so) connected).

    This happens at every attempt. Same stuck screen, same end of loading the second he exits his stardew game...

    WHY?! :( It had been working so promising the entire week until now...
    • _PandorasBox_

      _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

      That would be something you would need to tell the creator of the mod, because multiplayer isn't supposed to be in the game yet, and I doubt any of the people here would know exactly how to fix it. At least telling the creator of it would mean it may be fixed in a future update, or they've seen it happen before and know the best way to fix it.

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