REQUEST make the younger ones look a bit older?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Destany89, Feb 23, 2019.


is anyone else interested in a mod like this?

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  1. Destany89

    Destany89 Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm 30 and it feels weird dating college age people like sam or alex or penny. I love their personalities but the age difference bugs me. Was wondering if there is a mod that keeps the original portrait but ages them up a bit to be at least mid 20s? or if someone could make such a mod. I believe us older folk would appreciate not robbing the cradle ;)
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    • Zosa

      Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

      yeah, being in your thirties makes it feel super gross to be macking on what looks like a bunch of teens. i don't even feel all that comfortable being /friends/ with a couple of them just because i feel like a cradle-robber
      • Bonster42

        Bonster42 Void-Bound Voyager

        Agreed, some, like Sam, Alex and Abigail, feel like they're around 16.

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