Make the "night raid" possible

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Singkun, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Singkun

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    Here I gonna say that this game is great and all, but still it lacks one thing that most people would like.

    As my thread says, 'night raid' it is something like some planets will have very aggresives monsters. They will not wander around and they will charge at you all at once during nights of that particular hostile planet. Monsters/ or maybe sometimes bandits will set camp(bandits only tho) nearby you and come attack you at night time.
    If you had set a base there they will try to break in by breaking doors of such in their way.

    With that 'night raid' in mind, new turrets can be added or perhaps some other traps available in the game already to make it available to damage enemies instead of players only instead. Doors has health and turrets can get destroyed and be repair and drop their lesser scraps upon getting destroyed so you can rebuild it again. Some other traps that are mention are boulder traps that can be used against enemies, electric traps that can be turned off and on. Apex Turrets that has wall mount I stumbled upon in my adventures.

    Also I noticed since we can just beam down from ship, why not the bandits. Lets say they owned a ship full of crews and their ship maybe visible in the parrallex namely the atmosphere of your current planet. During night time they will beam down nearby and wreck you what not. Because no way there will be no raids right? OR they beam down to do business with ya, trading the stocks they had with you. Or some planet conquering would be nice although the game story leads to all 6 races working together to kill that one tomboy and the .... . This may make the game looks more alive.

    As a player whom like this type of 2D sandbox crafting and adventure I would like all this idea to be implemented in this game too. As because this game has so much potential I wouldn't want it to be worse than his same genre of other games. (Namely Terraria or Dig or die.)

    I will be sorry if another soul has already suggested this.
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  2. Kajnake

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    I need it!
    But i would like it being more controlable by player with hordes of ennemies that come in waves when the player thinks his base can defend itself
    Also, the bandit ships :nuruawe:
    Imagine if they could raid us but we could as well!
    I mean the ship
    That would be great and would give the feel of a space pirate
    Also micro dungeon
    I would do another suggestion from that if i werent so lazy

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