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    There are a few things that could be done to open up the door for modders to take care of the rest.

    1.) Relegate unique monsters to ancient vaults and the Ruin fight. The Lush planet's mine could as easily have a treasure chest with a few procedural monsters guarding it, or perhaps a couple of bandits, so that poptops are not required on any planet.
    Many players are and have been unhappy with uniques, myself included. Ancient Vaults I can completely understand having specific life forms in: all of the vaults were built by the same people for the same purpose. Plus, if these do not spawn anywhere else, you will only have seen them once before (maybe) in a given playthrough.

    2.) Open up the mech parts system so that modders can create procedural parts on the fly.

    3.) Add support for weapon parts themselves to be independent items with individual stats. Perhaps a mod is already capable of doing such a thing but I am not specifically aware of one. You or modders could then easily make a station for modifying weapons by taking them apart and reassembling them with different parts for different outcomes. The parts existing in code already would suffice.

    This doubles as being a content update without really having to add much of anything although I am sure you would make a few additions.

    4.) Add dynamic objects, which can be animated and move around. An example of how this might be used is the chess pieces in game could be then scripted to be able to move without being broken and replaced. For procedural generation purposes, you could have things like bookcases that move and then a hidden trap door opens beneath them, or it had a spawner behind it.

    5.) Allow objects to see if a nearby entity has a particular status or attribute. If you are lounging and adjacent to a Glitch writing desk, then switch the desk to the frame where the quill is missing and have the player or NPC play the writing animation, for example.

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