Make seeds available the day before the season starts.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Buzz_Inn, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Buzz_Inn

    Buzz_Inn Seal Broken

    We 'Farmers' would like to get our crops in as early as possible. Preferring to get the back forty planted before breakfast. So please have the ‘General Store’ stock the seeds at least a day before so we can start planting on the first day, right at 6am.
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    • Topazshot88

      Topazshot88 Void-Bound Voyager

      That wouldn't really stop the mandatory tornado that hits your fields and ruins nonplanted ground, forcing you to work to fix it for the few hours before Pierre's opens anyways.
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      • Buzz_Inn

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        Is your other name "Debbie Downer"???
        • Gabaw

          Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

          Seconded for sure. Give me those fucking seeds, Pierre. They came from somewhere. He's holding out all damn year.
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          • TheMediocreMrRook

            TheMediocreMrRook Pangalactic Porcupine

            No, but it would mean not spending a couple in-game hours running to pierre on the same day you need to clear all the new detritus, re-hoe the dirt, add fertilizer, sow the seeds, and water everything. I have passed out a couple times on that last step because my farm was too big and I couldn't finish everything before 2am.
            • Caudyr

              Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

              I just had this happen, though in my case I worked until 1:50 and I couldn't get all my seeds planted. :(

              I wish watering persisted across the seasons, at least...if there's a sprinkler installed. The land shouldn't un-till until WINTER if there's a sprinkler installed that's watering it. It would save a lot of trouble, and honestly makes more sense.

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