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    I think there can be several quality of life improvement to various tools, an ideal way to do it is to make them part of your permanent toolbar, it would work by switching the wiring mode, paint mode, and scan mode with different tools in the hotbar:
    starbound fossil tool.png
    The fossil tool would switch slots with the Wiring mode, another feature to improve fossil collection would be to have a fixed number of uses with each tool instead of being random, and add an additional layer to dig through which would be found deeper underground, and be made of obsidian, magmarock, blaststone, etc.
    starbound capture tool.png
    The capture tool would be the alternate space of the paint tool, rather than having a finite amount of capture pods, the player has a set amount of monster slots and empty slots, with the capture pod having a slow cool down rather than needing to be picked up again.
    starbound latch claw.png
    The latch claw will take up the alternate space of the scan mode, it effectively just saves on inventory space by making climbing rope, grappling hook, a rail hook a part of your permanent toolkit

    Now in order to unlock these tools, they can change it so the scientist who unlocks techs for the player is a former Protectorate Scientist, and these are prototype tools that you test for him.

    I await your opinions and feedback.

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