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    I love stardew valley but after years of farming and making arisan goods I still feel very limited. I think it would be amazing if a candy, bakery or factory opened up in pelican Town and allowed us to purchase/sell ingredients to make chocolate, fudge, cupcakes and so on. Maybe add machinery that allows you to create those treats in bulk or mass produce.

    Maybe a little cart could come by and sell delicious goods or a factory very much like willy wonkas factory. Maybe each character can have a favourite delicious treat or candy bar as well as new festival ideas.

    It would add more ways to use the ingredients already in game and add extra life into stardew as well as adding more fun and role play elements.

    Just an idea
    Thanks Gingerfox101
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      i do like this idea, i'm always in for more recipes and such, and sweets may be nice to see (colorful forms) and for some villagers (Haley being one of them)
      maybe a special "Birthday Cake" with candles and such, and it being eitehr a Like or Love to everyone, or Neutral on any other day, and Love on Birthdays
      not sure if i'd rather see a candy cart, but i always love more recipes
      maybe such cart sells the candies AND the recipes?
      like every week, every event or whatever, and each day it comes, it has another sweet plus recipe

      sugar will have way more use with this idea, if it's at least a few recipes
      sugar is easy to get, as soon as you can go to the desert (beets while having a mill), and especially with the greenhouse unlocked
      of course, since it's sweets, they need more sugar than other recipes
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