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    i didn't put this in side quests, because I saw it as more than a side one.

    Pretty much, at the end of the main story (so far) you defeat the monster, and you are revived by a supernatural force. My suggestion, is the story quest: Rebuild

    The quest, involves looking on each species' worlds, for "lost fragments": things of great power. You would have to fight a lot of things for it, and it would be pretty tough. Afterwards, you need to go too a teleported, and enter a new location given when you have all the artifacts. Afterwards, you are taken to a boss: it is a fragment of the one who saved you, fighting the ruin. After defeating him, you can unite the fragments, 5to undo everything the ruin has done, with the last of the fragments powers. This brings earth back along with the occupants, and other planets that were destroyed. The humans, then spread throughout the galaxy, -and you get constant thank you's from the human occupants. Another feature would be traveling to the place from the games beginning, and even walking around a city of earth, talking to the people you saved.

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    So, do the fetch quests again but this time use time travel to make sure the entire story you've gone through up to that point never happened at all?
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    Well,maybe the time travelling thing could be added as an dev-made mod,so that you can explore more,but,i wouldn't add it to the main game

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