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Discussion in 'Mods' started by joyous.ariella, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. joyous.ariella

    joyous.ariella Space Penguin Leader

    Hey y'all,

    In the spirit of old school RPGs like Baldurs Gate, I think it would be pretty cool if your player got to have a portrait that showed when you talk to NPCs. It would be even cooler if you could have the whole Stardew Valley expressions to match the NPC expressions during events like this:

    Abigail takes video games very seriously! Lol

    However I have absolutely no experience with creating SMAPI mods. I have looked over what it takes to create one and read some of the guides out there, and I think I can learn to do it pretty quickly. I have never coded in C# but I do have some coding experience in Java, HTML, ChoiceScript, and R, so I think I could pick it up if I put in the effort.

    That being said, I want to know if what I am thinking of doing is even possible using SMAPI before I start putting in the effort to learn a new coding language :p

    Anyone with SMAPI modding experience, hit me up!

    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

      I do not see why it wouldnt be possible, the only real issue I can see is having to create new shirt/gender/hair textures so that the player portrait can match their avatar in looks.
      • joyous.ariella

        joyous.ariella Space Penguin Leader

        @Entoarox Yeah I guess I would also have to make an in-game avatar creator... This is more ambitious then I realized :p
        Is it possible to make an in-game avatar creator?
        If not I may just attempt to do the player portraits anyway, and just do it for my personal use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
        • Entoarox

          Entoarox Oxygen Tank

          quite possible, but you would have to create separate pictures for every single hair style, both genders, and every shirt design.
          So while doable, a massive undertaking.
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          • Indiglow

            Indiglow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            well, you could always make it so that players can create their own portraits via photoshop/gimp with some basic templates provided?
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            • joyous.ariella

              joyous.ariella Space Penguin Leader

              I was originally thinking of making it so that the player could just add their own images to a folder where the mod is contained, and then the mod could pull those images in game.
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