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  5. Mr.UNDER

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    I think i broke my save with buff spell.I cast it too much and now take 1 damage literaly from every source of danger(slime,bombs,train,flyin serpents).But problem,that defense is not reseted on next day (unlike skills and damage) and i still cant properly die.Does anybody have idea how to fix it?
    • Allistyre

      Allistyre Void-Bound Voyager

      after the cutscene with the wizard, I start a new day and head to pierres altar (i have mana bar and everything). when clicking on pierres altar, a blank menu pops up, no spells whatsoever just black

      nvm i'm so dumb, you just had to press these little squares on the left side omg
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      • Noxturnum

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        hey spacechase, can you please read chuckelfish forums and nexus magic mod comments more? i when i do "help player_addspell" in terminal (mac) it says TO BE IMPLEMENTED. think you forgot that. also when i do player_addspell "Spirit" 1 it said spirit isnt a spell. the analyzing is also (for me) much worse than the multiple altars as the magical analytics are quite vague and they sometimes point you in the wrong direction
        • WFram

          WFram Orbital Explorer

          Hello there.
          Is it possible for us to get in the next update a config option to skip the cutscene with the wizard entirely ?

          Me and my friends are using SVE for our new playthrough and because the interior of his tower is different due to SVE changing most interiors, the character gets stuck in a wall wile walking towards the wizard in the 3 hearts event, making this mod and SVE incompatible.

          A compatibility patch would solve the problem to, but I think as a temporary and fast solution to this would be nice.

          Thank you, your mod is still fun as hell.
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          • Dartem

            Dartem Space Hobo

            can be used with stardew vally expanded
            • Dartem

              Dartem Space Hobo

              Spanish : no es un parche sino saltarse ese bug, es algo molesto....

              Cuando tengas la amistad con rasmodius en 3 corazones, sin haber tocado el altar de yoba realizar una copia del archivo WizardHouse.tbin y Eliminar este WizardHouse.tbin archivo e iniciar el juego.

              Stardew Valley\Mods\[TMX] Stardew Valley Expanded Locations\assets

              ir a la Tienda local Pierre's y tocar la estatua de yoba guardar el dia y cerrar el juego

              luego agregar el mismo archivo borrado..

              y listos para jugar

              • Dartem

                Dartem Space Hobo

                It is not a patch but skipping that mistake, it is annoying ...

                When you have friendship with rasmodius in 3 hearts, without having touched the yoba altar, make a copy of the WizardHouse.tbin file and Delete this WizardHouse.tbin file and start the game.

                Stardew Valley \ Mods \ [TMX] Expanded Stardew Valley Locations \ Active

                go to local Pierre's store and touch the yoba statue save the day and close the game

                then add the same deleted file ..

                and ready to play
                • Kahno

                  Kahno Space Hobo

                  Hello, I'm unable to use this mod, Once I go to the magician hut after getting the level three friendship the screen just gets stuck like if it was going to start a cinematic but something failed.

                  Any clues why?.

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