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RELEASED Magic Spells

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by AkumaMini, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. AkumaMini

    AkumaMini Master Chief

    I'm currently working on a mod that adds magic, going to add at least one spell for each tier.
    Going to look into making PBAoE spells(Point Blank Area of Effect), an example of a PBAoE spell would be Arcane Explosion from WoW, in other words a spell that deals AoE damage in a limited area around the caster.
    Swords works like a PBAoE, so I might be able to make on that deals damage all around.

    Currently only Energy Ball is shown on the hand, when you have another spell equipped your hand is empty.

    Spells are also one handed, so you can dual wield them, for example you can run with Fire Ball and Arcane Barrage, Fire Ball for long range splash damage and Arcane Barrage for close range rapid damage.

    Or when the PBAoE is made you could have Arcane Barrage for DPS and the PBAoE for defense and AoE.

    Currently I have 4 spells and these are:
    *Energy Ball, starting spell, a simple yellow energy ball that can be charged to deal extra damage, low damage and medium cast speed.

    *Energy Ball level 2, tier 1 spell, a stronger yellow energy ball that can be charged to deal extra damage, medium damage and medium cast speed.

    *Fire Ball, tier 2 spell, a strong fire ball that has high energy cost and slow cast speed.

    *Arcane Barrage, tier 3 spell, a barrage of arcane balls, medium damage and extra fast cast speed.

    I'm currently tweaking these spells, making sure their damage and utility matches that of the melee weapons, trying to make them be good in their own way but still not be overpowered.

    Here is a quick video, do note that I haven't tweaked their damage as of the latest hotfix, so these spells will be better than melee weapons for the time being.

    Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!jw4hFIoL!ZeNgc0-0te527GOwrltrKzDRX-lt2b_kUzJNjr6rNsc

    To install this you need to create a mods folder in the Starbound root folder, extract the .rar in /starbound/mods and then add the mod to your bootstrap found in /starbound/win32, /starbound/linux 32, /starbound/linux64.

    Make sure that the bootstrap looks something like this, you might have more assetsources added if you already have mods installed.
      "assetSources" : [
      "storageDirectory" : ".."
    This mod changes player.config, if you already have a mod that does this you will need to modify player.config by hand, the lines added in this are under defaultBlueprints:

        "tier1" : [
          { "item" : "spellbooks" },
          { "item" : "energyball" },
          { "item" : "energyballtwo" },
        "tier2" : [
          { "item" : "fireball" },
        "tier3" : [
          { "item" : "arcanebarrage" },
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  2. AkumaMini

    AkumaMini Master Chief

    Upcoming features:

    * Arcane Nova, PBAoE. http://i.imgur.com/yeZPQGv.jpg first screenshot of it, will release it when it's tweaked enough.
    * Enchanting Table, a new "crafting" table that will let you enchant your crafted weapons with your crafted spells.
    I haven't decided what the enchantments will do yet, but they will make the weapon stronger and add a new feature to it, imagine a short range ability on your melee weapon that is based on the spell you used for the enchanting.


    *Initial release
    *Tweaked damage to make it fit more with current damage of weapons.
    *Added a crafting table for the spells.
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  3. Khataclysme

    Khataclysme Big Damn Hero

    This is awesome ( check your pm )
  4. MrDiAmOnDzHD

    MrDiAmOnDzHD Void-Bound Voyager

    when i craft the first spell, my starbound closes. please reply
  5. AkumaMini

    AkumaMini Master Chief

    Hmm, that is weird. Doesn't happen for me. Can you send me the starbound.log that is generated when the game crashes ?

    I just reinstalled the mod using the files I uploaded and my game did not crash when I crafted my spell, do you have any other mods installed?
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  6. MrDiAmOnDzHD

    MrDiAmOnDzHD Void-Bound Voyager

    no it doesn´t really crash... it just closes.
    ps. my steam version won´t start too.. when i´m in the launcher and I press "Launch Starbound" nothing happens... weird
  7. AkumaMini

    AkumaMini Master Chief

    Send me your starbound.log, maybe I can see what the problem is.
  8. Ryuuichi

    Ryuuichi Big Damn Hero

    Hi, I'm already at tier 5 but the spell crafting menu still stays at tier 2, any idea?
  9. AkumaMini

    AkumaMini Master Chief

    Hmm, I'm not home atm so I can't check. When I did the tests before uploading it did work, could be anything really.
  10. starwarsfan1011

    starwarsfan1011 Void-Bound Voyager

    I cant find a download button.

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