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RELEASED Magic Cards! (Exploding Diamonds, Laser Beam Spades, and More!) 0.5

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Bestpick, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Bestpick

    Bestpick Big Damn Hero

    Welcome to the "weekly but not really" series of mods. This is the first in the series, where I release a mod every week, but not really, as I am horrid at meeting due dates. Don't blame me, blame waffle.

    Influenced by Twisted Fate (LoL)

    Will (most likely) add a Joker.

    Adds some Magical Cards into the game.
    First off, you need to craft the cards themselves.
    Normal crafting can be used to make them.
    They are boring, only used to make the Card Magic Table.
    Card Magic Table : I AM MAGIC!
    Then, get 50 pixels, and 3 of the card desired, and make THESE :
    Diamonds : Explodes! Boom! Bang!
    Clubs : Sonic Booms! Air breaking!
    Spades : Laser Beams! Pewpewpewpew!
    Hearts : Poison Gas! P-U!!!


    Feedback would be appreciated

    Happy New Year!
    ~ ~ 2014 ~ ~
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  2. Bestpick

    Bestpick Big Damn Hero

    Should I keep hearts a Posion, or should I make it heal?
    Also, what should the Joker do?
  3. Lightningy

    Lightningy Void-Bound Voyager

    i think it should stay poison and the joker should give a random negative status effect

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