Mac OSX Wineskin Attempts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soshta, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Haxd's step-by-step guide on page five is pretty decent. If you know how to open the terminal on a Mac (it's in utilities), you should be able to muddle through. I did.
    • Soshta

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      Did you install every one of those dlls?
      • Sarc

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        Is there a way to do it without getting Xcode?

        My mac is one version behind the requirement to download it on the app store...
        • huecester

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          Anyone have a solution for a black screen? The game launches, the sounds play and I can 'click' the button on the start menu but all I've got is a completely black screen. Used haxd's instructions and everything seemed to install correctly.
          • DandoCalrissian

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            Hi everyone! I, like many of you, have been working hard to get our beloved Stardew Valley working properly on a Mac. Well, with MonokelPinguin's explanation of the directx patch, and jeregrine, haxd, and huecester's huge efforts and successes, I managed to get the Steam version running! This also led me to compile a Wineskin engine and bundle everything up to make it easier for those who are having troubles getting things up and running.

            So, without further delay, here is the Wineskin wrapper!

            NOTE: If your wrapper is working fine, don't worry about the updates. They are strictly for compatibility at the moment.
            You can find it here (updated 3/7):

            3/7 Update: Added support for AMD R9 M295X, AMD 6490M, and potentially for some Intel integrated GPUs (need confirmation for Intel GPUs)

            3/5 Update: Added support for AMD R9 M370X and AMD R9 M290X GPUs

            *UPDATE* If you're getting the compatible device error and you're using an AMD card, the latest update will hopefully resolve that for you! If you're getting the error still, it's possible that your GPU isn't listed in the directx.c. To help us get these elusive cards in the source, run the OpenGL Viewer (, press the Save As Text button at the upper-left part of the window, and attach the .xml file to a reply so we can check it out.

            *UPDATE 2* It has been brought to my attention that distributing the wrapper with Microsoft redistrubutables and Steam installed is in violation of EULA, so I have removed these from the latest wrapper and have added directions on how to set these up yourself below!

            Get your wrapper prepared!
            1. Download the file
            2. Unzip the file
            3. Double-click the file
            4. Deal with your Mac complaining at you about Unknown Developer claims (see the Some Notes! bullet below)
            5. After opening the wrapper, select Advanced, click Tools, and then Winetricks
            Select the following to install (all can be found in the dlls section):
            xna31 (Potentially not necessary and will error out most times. Needs testing!)
            You wrapper is now ready for Stardew Valley!​

            To install using Steam
            1. Close the Winetricks window (if open), and click Configuration on the Wineskin window
            2. Use the Install Software button, select Choose Executable, and then point it to a downloaded copy of SteamSetup.exe you obtained from clicking on the Windows button under the green install button, or by using this direct link:
            3. Sign into Steam
            4. Download Stardew Valley
            5. Run Stardew Valley
            6. Click through any errors or install prompts that pop up. There is one regarding a Directx library not being found and then a brief install of xna, but then it should be smooth sailing after that.
            7. Once the game is confirmed running properly, quit Stardew Valley and Steam
            8. On the Wineskin window in the Windows EXE field, either press browse and find the Steam.exe yourself, or copy this into the "Windows EXE" text field: /Program Files/Steam/Steam.exe

            9. You can now exit the wrapper and open the game normally by double-clicking the wrapper
            10. Play the game! Love the game! Spend "too many" hours playing the game!
            11. (Optional) Give Dando (me!) a high-five!

            To install using GOG (thanks @huecester and @animaster!)
            1. Download and unzip the file from GOG
            2. Right-click the wrapper and choose "Show Package Contents"

            3. Double-click the 'Wineskin" app
            4. Press "Install Software"
            5. Press "choose Setup Executable"

            6. Find the GOG installer for Stardew Valley and double-click it

            7. At the end of the installation process, you will be asked to install "Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0". Proceed through the installation as normal (Error messages will pop up and you can ignore them)
            8. After it's done it should go back to the Wineskin "Install Software" window. Press Cancel in the bottom right corner
            9. DO NOT click the "Launch Game", but click on "Exit" for now to close the installer.
            10. Press "Advanced"

            11. Either press browse and find the Stardew Valley.exe yourself, or copy this into the "Windows EXE" text field: /GOG Games/Stardew Valley/Stardew Valley.exe

            12. Click on "Test Run" to test whether you can successfully run this game

            13. After you confirm that Stardew Valley can be run properly, you can "Quit Game" and close this "Wineskin Advanced" window
            14. Now you can close down the Wineskin app and launch the game as you would any other by double-clicking the wrapper

            I found that using the Mac driver instead of X11 will allow the game to scale properly when adjusting window size. You can enable this by doing the following:
            1. Ensure that the game is closed fully. If it isn't closed, the change will not take effect
            2. Right-click the wrapper, click Show Package Contents, and double-click Wineskin
            3. Click Set Screen Options
            4. Check the box next to Use Mac Driver instead of X11 and hit done
            This lets the game scale properly for me when changing the window size and reduces the flickering in Steam to almost none. If this doesn't work for you, just uncheck the option and move along!​

            Some Notes!

            • Your Mac is probably going to complain about the file being from an unknown developer (unless you have disabled said complaining). You can get around this by going to System Prefereces > Security & Privacy and either clicking the Open Anyway button if you just tried to open the file, or you can click the lock in the bottom-left and set the 'Allow apps downloaded from' option to Anywhere, open the app, and then set it back after it's all up and running. Either way should work fine and really you should probably be used to the message if you've been using a mac for more than a day or two.
            • I will do my best to help accommodate anyone who is having troubles, but I do have a day job and can't be lurking the forums 24/7 (as much as I would like to).
            • Lastly: I cannot be held responsible for any damage that comes from using this wrapper! This is just a disclaimer to cover myself in the event that the wrapper makes your computer catch fire, throw your cat, spills coffee in your lap, etc. More than likely nothing will happen other than being able to play an awesome game on your Mac :D
            If you're having trouble installing dotnet40 and/or xna40 (thanks @animaster!)

            For those who attempt to install dotnet40 and xna40 and are having trouble, you can try installing the "msxml3" first. I had a problem with dotnet40 installation on another wrapper (not this game though) and installing the msxml3 before (re)installing dotnet40 and xna40 resolved that issue.​

            I hope you all enjoy this! Thanks to everyone for being awesome and working together to make this thing happen <3
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            • Soshta

              Soshta Intergalactic Tourist

              Stellar job! I wish I would have purchased through steam. Anxiously awaiting a wrapper for GOG. Cheers to you for typing this out!
              • DandoCalrissian

                DandoCalrissian Astral Cartographer

                You're all amazing, so I'm just doing my part to try and get on that level :D

                I don't have a way to test GOG, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. GOG Galaxy doesn't seem to like my engine for some reason, so I need to figure that out, but I would be more than happy to try just a straight install into the wrapper, assuming GOG still provides a separate install file if you don't want to use their software.
                • huecester

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                  Brilliant work! Didn't think someone could've put this together so quickly. Will test it with the gog version later, partly fearing the result o_O.
                  • DandoCalrissian

                    DandoCalrissian Astral Cartographer

                    Let me know how it goes! Galaxy won't work with my current engine, but a standalone install of the game just might work fine. Fingers crossed that it just works!
                    • mdcarter

                      mdcarter Space Hobo

                      Okay first of all : THANK YOU for your amazing work !

                      Secondly : it's almost working =/
                      I have everything running, but as soon as I open the game I have an error popup, that I can't dismiss (my click are not registered) and I can't click inside the game either (can't star a new game or anything) but the "hover" actions are taken into account (the buttons grow when I hover).

                      Any ideas ?

                      EDIT : actually it seems to work fine in fullscreen, but the second I switch to windowed I have the error I'm talking about =/

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                      • huecester

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                        Works perfectly with gog version! Great work. Just remember to change the launch exe to: /GOG Games/Stardew Valley/Stardew Valley.exe
                        Do you think there's a way to 'spoof' it to a higher resolution? The game is very zoomed in for me and I cannot change resolution beyond 1280x800. I've tried fiddling with the wineskin screen options but the game seems to override whatever I set.
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                        • Sarahanne

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                          I am a bit confused - bought it off GOG, attempted to use the steps as above but I am totally lost - it seems to have installed onto crossover instead, and won't actually open. Thought i'd deleted that but apparently not. Any ideas?
                          • huecester

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                            You have to unzip the file you downloaded, right-click and choose "Show Package Contents" and it should open up a folder with the contents of the wrapper. Open the 'Wineskin" app.
                            Press "Install Software".
                            Press "choose Setup Executable".
                            Find the gog installer for stardew and double click it and the install should start.
                            After it's done it should go back to the Wineskin "Install Software" window. Press Cancel in the bottom right corner.
                            Press "Advanced".
                            Either press browse and find the Stardew Valley.exe yourself, or copy this into the "Windows EXE" text field: /GOG Games/Stardew Valley/Stardew Valley.exe
                            Now you can just close down the Wineskin app and launch the game as you would any other.
                            • Sarahanne

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                              Well that is nothing like what I was trying to do ;p I love working this stuff out, even if it does involve swearing, mystification and in this case accidentally deleting my desktop pictures (wtf?), and as a last resort actually asking someone. Thank you so much, time to ignore EDF and farm.
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                              • addik

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                                Haha, hi guys! I just registered in the forum just to say a huge thanks to all those who actually found a way to have this work on a mac.

                                I tried this one though, but I still run into a "no graphical device found" error. This is the full pic of the error:

                                PS (Is me having an AMD card related to this error?)[​IMG]
                                • HiddenLilly

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                                  Oh my days!! <3 I've been silently following this thread for this! You, my friend, are awesome! Alongside all these amazing peeps who've put in so much time and effort into this!! You are all amazing and you all need to know you are so very appreciated ^-^
                                  • haxd

                                    haxd Space Hobo

                                    I'm assuming that error is because of the directx.c file that needs to be patched.
                                    I've been struggling to get Wineskin Winery to compile wine with my patched source. Seems to fail at some point and I can't lock down why or where it's happening. I'm imagining it's because I'm on El Capitan.

                                    Anyone know if it's possible to use command line tools to create a Wineskin engine? i think my PATH may be incorrect.
                                    • dreamseizer

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                                      This is absolutely amazing, @DandoCalrissian. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this! Been waiting with bated breath for a solution to this, and I'm so glad it's here!

                                      If it's not too much trouble, would it be possible for you to create a Steam-free version of the wrapper, one that only installs the .exe file provided by GOG upon purchase? (It does not require GOG galaxy!) Unless the wrapper you already provided can be used to install the .exe GOG file, then that's great! What would be the steps needed to take in order to use it should that be the case?
                                      • alphahouse

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                                        @DandoCalrissian excellent work, thank you!

                                        This is very easy to make work with the GOG version.

                                        1. Download Gog setup.exe
                                        2. Download the wrapper by @DandoCalrissian, unzip it
                                        3. Put both the unzipped 'Stardew' file and the gog installer in the same folder (just to make life easier)
                                        4. Right click on the stardew application and choose 'Show package contents'

                                        Double click on wineskin:

                                        Click 'install software' on the screen that appears.

                                        Click 'Choose setup executable', now find and choose your setup.exe file from GOG.

                                        There will probably be some errors when installing, like this:


                                        I chose Remove, but i don't think it matters.

                                        More errors after installation, they don't matter


                                        Click the 'Launch' icon on the right of this screen and the game should startup, if it doesn't launch, I do not know what the issue could be.

                                        But wait! Now we need to configure the game to launch when you double click on the Stardew icon like a normal mac app.

                                        Right click on it, inspect package contents, and open wine again.

                                        Choose Advanced, and click browse. Find the Stardew.exe file, your path may be different:


                                        Click 'Test run' and be sure the game starts.

                                        Done! now the game should launch correctly from the icon.

                                        Note: I've had issues with my saved games not appearing after clicking 'Load'. I just quit and restart the app and eventually (sometimes after 5-6 tries), my file will be there. Enjoy! and thanks to everyone else who did the hard work!
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                                          ah cheers, just saw this after making my screenshots

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