Race Lycanthropes-A Wolf Race (Playable)

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  1. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    My Request: PLEASE,post why you say no or yes....
    NOTE:I am improving on this thread right now,if things don't make sense then its because it use to go with something!
    Important Note:I will allow developers to change certain things about the backstory and lycanthropes,although I would still like them to be a little mean as they are already.

    TheMuramasa made a video about this thread.Check it out:


    General Information and History:
    History:Long ago,A race that resembled bipedal wolves started to walk the face of a extremely cold planet by the name of Isirous.Another race witnessed their birth and soon they started to witness the race struggle through a dark age of many frozen Lycanthropes.These people gave the Lycanthropes Nuclear era technology and soon Lycanthropes began to explode into a burst of technology learning.Peace couldn't stay for long,and the Lycanthropes began to steal the technologies with their newly found internet.Earlier the race made clones of the Lycanthropes.A bad move since they had made way too many.Due to the Lycanthropes large numbers,they had managed to catch up in technology and destroyed their saviors in a savage war.They now own their first planet...however once they conquered the world it felt small.So they started to research spaceships,and that led to them getting out of their solar system.

    A new evil rising in all Lycanthropes,they decided to conquer the whole universe in the name of the Isirous Space Republic,also known as the Lycan Empire. However another problem rose when the Lycanthropes happened to realize they weren't the only futuristic powerhouse.There was the problem of other intelligent life forces.They would have to kill off the more powerful species,but how?They would terraform planets to unlivable conditions and threaten the leaders of these species to hand over insane amounts of resources and pixels.They would then re-terraform the planet and kill off any survivors.This gave them a very bad reputation,and a new racist nickname "Mutts"They didn't like this nickname what so ever,so they destroyed a bunch of people of a certain empire who was believed to start this phrase.
    More General Info:Lycans are considered a futuristic powerhouse.A lot of people had declared war on them,and now most of those people don't even exist.Only other futuristic powerhouses can survive a war against the Lycanthrope military.Extremely well trained,the Lycanthrope military is a extremely powerful force made to kill off any foe.In some strategies,Lycanthropes terraform the planet to a unlivable condition,then finish the job off by killing their now weak foe.Redmatter bombs are dropped only on planets that are useless.Laser,Corrosive,and even Plasma weapons are used commonly along Lycanthropes.Then Lycanthropes steal the empires technology that they like,and kill off its leaders.Then they offer the citizens 2 choices.Join our Illustrious Empire,or Die!

    Lycanthropes can live anywhere from 210 Years Old-245 Years Old.Legendary Military Members get full fledged funerals,while normal Lycanthropes just get burned and put in a urn.The Empire focuses on 3 important things.Science/Education-Military-Wealth.Each playing a key form in the Lycan Empire.

    But if you think Lycanthropes are even close to being kind,then your absolutely wrong.Lycanthropes get beaten if they get bad grades,and alot of shows on the rare television encourage violence,and weaponry.You are taught from the day you can talk,to be mean and ruthless,to all that oppose you.Only a minority of parents teach their children to be peaceful.
    Religion and Society:In Lycanthrope planets,groups known as factions control individual cities,and towns.Factions are not nearly as powerful as the Space Empire that rules over 97% of all Lycanthrope cities.Lycanthropes worship a multiple array of gods.Many have to do with war/weapon/energy power.
    Red Claw like weapons are used as melee weapons for sacrifices,and also used for military purposes.Lycanthropes mainly sacrifice War Prisoners,and Prisoners.

    List of Gods:

    Karokor (pronounced Ka row caw)
    God of: Weapons, war, death and fire
    Bio: Often depicted with his eyes on fire, holding two longswords dressed in armor of shadows and followed by an army of the dead Karokor is one of the most widely worshiped Lycanthrope Gods. Nearly every military base has a statue of Karokor somewhere in it where soldiers can pray before battle. Karokor is the judge of the dead and allows all with courage in their hearts or who have served the empire well into the afterlife (although Lycanthropes call it the everlife) any who die whilst a soldier are drafted into the Karokors Army of the dead and it is said that one day during the empires greatest time of need Karokor and his army will return and save the Empire.

    Arkus- God of the Sun,Destruction, and Judgement- Arkus is the leader of the Lycanthrope gods, and is probably the most worshiped in Lycanthrope planets, although powerful, Arkus is evil,so they chained him....Every day the gods circle around him to prevent him from escaping...Just like he is a sun.... Lycanthropes believe stars are his children and also his soldiers, for when the galaxy is to end when he gets out of his chainment.... Arkus is usually pictured as a Lycanthrope made out of a star.... And as a scary figure....Arkus is the worst enemy of karokar,and will fight him to the death,they are rivals,being born at the same time and wanting to do the same things....

    Lonar: God of the Moon,Honor,and Music, Lonar is the sister of Arkus, and is one of the strongest gods,not only does Lonar bring music,but she brings a system of honor,which keeps a law system....If it weren't for Lonar, Lycanthropes believe everything would be Cruel....She is one of the nicer gods,and isn't very worshiped outside of the OOTM society....

    Zarnor:The god of balance and mortality....Zarnor is pictured as a shadowy Lycanthrope with a blue eye and a red eye,he has a rifle and is a god that came out in the time of the Lycanthropes being saved by their saviors....He is considered a weak god,and isn't really worshiped.Also, it is said that he was outcasted by the other gods....Zarnor is popping up and going in Lycanthrope cities or planets but it appears that he is becoming more common....
    Military:The Lycanthrope Military is probably one of the strongest forces ever heard of.Not only do they have extremely powerful weapons,but they have dangerous terraforming equipment,and redmatter bombs.

    Redmatter bombs have the ability to blow up small planets,and if placed with in the core of a planet,then the planet could explode very easily.Not to worry,Lycanthropes will have to offense your main offensives to plant a bomb like this for an sure planetary explode.

    Lycanthrope spaceships can be designed to be small fighters that shoot down turrets,to bombers which carry redmatter bombs,even to Giant USS Enterprise like ships which send out fighters.Artillery is put on spaceships or helicopters,or even planes,and is probably the most used Lycanthrope weapon.Robotic soldiers are also heavily used.
    Education:Education is probably the most important thing to the Lycanthropes. With education people become smarter,which leads to better technologies discovered by the Lycanthropes.If you are naturally an idiot or you happen to be needed,you will serve for the military.Either as a scientist or a grunt,even though I.Q. rates in Lycanthrope cities are high,Lycanthropes always happen to have a high number of soldiers,whether they be robotic or not.If you happen to serve long enough and do great things,you can become a leader.Leaders usually organize militaristic strategies or work on research programs.
    Technology/Units:As you probably guessed,Lycanthrope technologies usually involve something to do with war.From the basic fighters,to the Red matter bomb,you should be extremely scared of all technologies that these wolf-like people have.

    The main form of attack is artillery,launching powerful bombs.Next up,is Fighters/Drones,Whether its a flag ship,or an army of infantry,you can be sure that these guys will take them out....Then you have Flagships,And the least commonly used is infantry,and red matter bombs.
    Other technologies are mainly stolen from other Civilizations....
    (Massive Expansion made by Archmage_Zandor)
    The Order of the Moon

    Description: The order of the moon is a elite group of Lycanthrope warriors, however every member is as fit mentally as physically. The members take the role of elite commandos or generals on the battlefield. Unlike most Lycanthropes members of the order have a strong sense of honor, they would not strike down a opponent who has surrendered, unless they are a criminal sentenced to death with the order of the moon to carry out the sentence, and they do not kill innocents unless it would serve the greater good of the Lycanthrope empire, for example they would blow up a enemy city that had a Cerpine leader in it even if it would kill innocents because many Lycanthropes would die if they didn't.

    Armor: During a new moon and the day after Order of the Moon armor gives the same bonuses as regular Lycanthrope armor as well as a 15% melee attack damage and 3 % melee attack speed boost, however as the moon gets bigger the stat bonuses and defense of the armor increases, this is why they are called the Order of the Moon because the bigger the moon is the stronger they get. during the daytime they still get a bonus equal to what the moon was last night on that planet. Also the chestplate has a inbuilt jetpack. The reason for the armor getting stronger the bigger the moon is because order of the moon armor has a full circle, pure white gem inlaid into its chest piece this is called a moon gem and it is only found beneath the Order of the Moons stronghold on the Lycanthrope home world.

    Weapons: the weapon that is given to all new members of the Order of the Moon is a pair of claws that connect to the suit. While this may not sound very impressive they are actually a extremely powerful weapon. When turned on the claws can cut through most metals, the right index claw can turn into a jack which can be inserted into and hack most computers in the galaxy, each of the fingers of the left claw can inject chemicals the effects range from debilitating pain to being unable to tell lies.
    (Trading used to be here,I thought that it wouldn't be needed,so its up to you guys to decide if its gone forever or a while.)
    Law and Order:Laws in Lycanthrope Planets are very strict.It is a very bad idea to break a law if you don't have much power.There are many ways they will kill you if you get a death penalty,but the best part is...You may get to choose from 3 extremely gruesome deaths.They may even have your family decide for you.You can get anywhere from a firing squad to ships pulling you apart.

    Murder: Death by being pulled from body part from body part.
    Assault: Exiled to dangerous planet.
    Trespassing:Anywhere from 15 years or life,even death.
    Robbing and Pickpocketing:Robbing is Prison for 30 years,and Pickpocketing is Prison for 15 years
    Rioting: Prison for life,or Death.
    Lycanthropes Racial Armors

    Tier 1: Basic Infantry Armor : The armor used by basic Lycanthrope infantry.
    -Gives Defence
    -Increases Shooting Speed by 1%

    2-Moonguard Armor-A suit used by recruits for order of the moon tasks.
    3% Speed,Ranged Attack Damage.
    2%Frost Resistance
    Minor Defence.

    3-Associate of the Moon Armor-Someone who has military experience before will get this ranked armor.
    5% Speed,Ranged Attack Damage
    3% Frost Resistance.
    High Minor Defense.

    4-Centurion Warlord-A lieutenant will get this Awesome Armor.
    7%Speed,Ranged Attack Damage.
    5% Frost Defense
    Low Moderate Defense

    5-Order of the Moon Assassin-An armor which will help you sneakily kill people from afar.
    10% Sniper Rifle Damage Increase.(Its gonna stay like this for a while.)
    9%Speed,Ranged Attack Damage.(D: it doesn't stack with Sniper rifle Damage Increase.)
    6% Frost Resistance.
    Moderate Defense

    6-Recruit Recon-Made for scouting out areas,and killing enemies fast.
    13%Speed Bonus
    11% Ranged Attack Increase.
    8%Frost Resistance
    High Moderate Defence.

    7-OOTM Warlord-Made to take alot of hits.
    5% Speed Bonus
    9% Ranged Attack
    12% Frost Resistance
    Major Defense

    8-General of the Moon-Extreme Durability,Loses Speed from that
    High Major Defense
    3% Speed bonus
    11% Ranged Attack
    20% Frost Resistance.

    9-Tesla Recon-One of the best armors you can make,Provides good defence and No losses.
    Major Defense
    15% Speed Bonus
    20% Ranged Attack Bonus
    10% Critical Hit Damage
    30% Frost Resitance
    10% Energy Increase
    Requires Batteries.
    Generates Light.

    10-Master Recon-The Best Armor from all the other tiers
    Extreme Defense
    15% Speed Bonus
    30% Ranged Attack Bonus
    10%Critical Hit Damage Increase
    50% Frost Resistance
    Faster Scanning Speed.
    Lycanthropes Respect You.
    Art used to be here aswell,I decided that it wouldn't be needed,as it isn't very important to starbounds story,or the Lycanthropes.
    Architecture:The main source of building everything in Lycanthrope planets is Erkain.Erkain is a marble like material for building,and other objects.Whether its a chair or a house,Erkain will always be helpful for Lycanthrope structures,which happens to look a little Greek-Like.Erkain is usually combined with wood,and cushions to make an especially nice area.

    Crafting Recipes:

    Erkain Door-6 Erkain,and 3 wood.

    Erkain Walling-Just plain erkain,can be layered with wood.

    Erkain Bench-10 Erkain and ,3 wood.Can be cushioned.

    Erkain Cushioned Chair-8 Erkain,2 wood.Can be cushioned.

    Lycanthrope Statue-100 stone,or 100 Erkain.
    History Timeline:Anytime before Lycanthropes were saved,was not recorded.

    Year 12000:The Lycanthrope Race is saved from extinction.
    Year 11650:The Great War over the planet is started.
    Year 11500:Nuclear Weapons are launched and the Lycanthropes now have an advantage in the war..
    Year 10760:Lycanthropes win the great war and execute the alien leaders and the remaining aliens.
    Year 10500:Lycanthropes have good enough spaceships to start massive space travel.
    Year 9970:Lycanthropes start their goal for universal domination.
    Year 6193:Lycanthropes Execute a species leader,and eliminate their first threat.
    Year 6000:Major discoveries are made and Lycanthropes gain more then a reputation as space pirates.
    Year 3500:The Redmatter Bomb Prototype is released,and the Lycanthropes test it out on a unknown planet.
    Year 3500:Lycanthropes become highly feared and hated when they test out a red matter bomb on the Cerpine.
    Year 2570:Lycanthropes start an operation to take technology from other civilizations.
    Year 1500:Lycanthropes declare war on the Cerpine for their technology.
    Year 504:New prototype space module is tested.
    Year 405:A new ship is created and has resistance against star heat.

    Animals: (Another Awesome thing made by Archmage_Zandor.)


    The Fenripper is one of the largest predators on Isirous, it is thought to be one of the causes for Lycanthropes nearing extinction however it is not known if this is true due to no history being recorded before they were saved. Fenrippers are reptiles and taller than an average Lycanthrope. During the war against the aliens Fenrippers were trained by the first members of the order of the moon and used as mounts, because of their extremely tough scales they were instrumental in a number of battles against the aliens. The spikes growing from the leg joints of Fenrippers are tougher than many metals, there are two ways to harvest them, kill the Fenripper or wait till they fall out (this happens on average every 20-30 years). Some weapons the spikes are used to construct are: swords, knifes, bayonets, the order of the moons claws and the red claw like weapons used for sacrifices.

    Reputation and Relationships with Other Beings:

    Rabillians:The Lycanthropes next door neighbor.The Rabillians are good friends with the Lycanthropes.There is no reason to attack the Rabillian Nation,as Lycanthropes would have little to gain.Lycanthropes don't see good terrain in their planets either.Open borders are in order,and trade has been going on.

    Darkbound: Lycanthropes hate darkbound so much that they are literally torturing darkbound with extreme light.They won't give up until they find the location of the darkbound void.

    Glunaughts:Lycanthropes don't really care about the Glunaughts,as long as the Glunaughts aren't allies with the Cerpine.But outside of that situation Glunaughts and Lycanthropes are good friends.

    Cerpine: Lycanthropes want the Cerpine destroyed,completely,and will not stop war until they are destroyed.I wouldn't recommend asking a Lycanthrope why they hate the Cerpine.

    Gillian:The Lycanthropes dislike the Gillian for being allies with the Cerpine.

    Virorbs and Poptops:Lycanthropes don't have these on any of their planets anymore.So they don't really care about them.However,Long ago Virorbs were a problem.So Lycanthropes despise virorbs for killing Lycanthropian Children.

    Liberi Legacy:The Lycanthropes find the Liberi as a minor threat,mainly because of their stargates,If the Lycanthropes can destroy their stargate defense.But a cold war situation is happening between both sides...

    Dragoknights:Lycanthropes have only heard rumors about Dragoknights.They sounded alot more noble then a Lycanthrope.However,it may be essential to the survival of both races that they do not meet.

    Vexen:The Lycanthropes liked what the Vexen did long ago.....However they now think the Vexen are weak,and are planning attack after they eliminate the Cerpine menace.

    Technological Advancement:

    Hostility:Kinda hostile but I guess you can say they are neutral,maybe evil,doesn't mean you cant be good as them.

    The Good:
    Discoveries:The first to discover Uranium Powered Laser Swords.,and Terraforming.

    The Bad:
    Fatal Accidents:100 Lycan Rebellion growing by the 1000's.((The military will have to do something soon about this but judging by starbound's storyline they never get to.))

    Invasions:A bunch of robots keep attacking their homeworld,A giant lizard is being a tad annoying on their homeworld they are melting him right now though.

    Resource Depletion:The Lycanthropes are running out of uranium and dark matter power.

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  2. Tails7712

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    Art Here!


    Map of Lycanthrope universes:Created by pigrocket.

    Sprite Sortment: (Made By Kint) (1st Design)
    Normal Lycanthrope Styles:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Military Styles:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    (End of 1st design)

    Sprite Assortment 2: (Made By Pigrocket) (I am hoping for this design to be used in game if only one can be used but 2 is better then 1.)

    Basis: [​IMG]

    Pose Frame:[​IMG]


    Mystic_Wulf's Sprites:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Archmage_ Zandors sprites:[​IMG][​IMG]


    [​IMG]Created by Andincius

    [​IMG]Created by Andincius

    Furniture:Created by the amazing- Pigrocket.


    Guns-made by the amazing mystic_wulf.

    [​IMG]Defragment Rifle.
    [​IMG] P.I.C Portable Ion Cannon

    Signatures: Made by Pigrocket.

  3. ChaoticGamer

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    really? 3 million death auto :zzz:...why not have 100 lycan rebellion, so it consider little bit harder in some condition.
  4. Tails7712

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    yes i think ill do that thanks :)
  5. Zaba35

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    Pretty cool :D
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  6. Sir Logan

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    Wolf... race? :eek:
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  7. Tails7712

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    haha thanks for the feed back guys,i really appreciate it
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  8. Tails7712

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    Oh yes if you are playing as another race then lycan planets are usually high threat.
  9. Amarth

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  10. Tails7712

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    That could work.Maybe they could be enemies.

    Edit:Actually,I guess more of Rivals but they are in an alliance.
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  11. Amarth

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    Nothing wrong with some friendly Competition amongst our wolf packs!!

    We will dominate the universe!

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  12. Kint

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    A race... of wolves... that you can play as... YES!! This must be implemented IMMEDIATELY!!
    Or else...
  13. Tails7712

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    ((If this is in the game then look at this if not don't look.Im thinking of pros and cons so yeah.Ill edit this later.))

    Natural Cold Resistance: Due to being born in a Intensely cold planet,and having fur this creature has gotten used to the cold.
    Speedy:Lycanthropes are wolves making them a bit faster.
    Uranium Handle: Due to making uranium weapons,Lycanthropes have a critical chance increase with these types of Rifles,Pistols and Swords.
    Sharp Eyes:Because a wolf has sharp eyes,these people have an accuracy increase.((Accuracy could be like less spread.))

    Not used to the heat:Fire and heat is something they aren't used to,their fur doesn't help.
    Natural Hostility:It will take more quests to befriend an npc.
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  15. Tails7712

    Tails7712 Spaceman Spiff

    Sprite Art Added make sure you Don't look at bottom.Hope you like it.It will need editing for it to have the "Starbound" look.
  16. lilpeter101

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    Hey uh, robots attacking their world, do you reckon they're... :cautious:... Rombartians? (one of my ideas)
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    Sorry I couldn't make the concept art smaller.
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    Any more suggestions.
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    changed some stuff
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