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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Zancuno, May 28, 2016.

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    -moderators is this violates any terms please tell and I will stop updating this thread so you can shut it down-


    Well I haven't posted much in the forums these days (I will get to the animated guns templates shortly, sorry for the delay)

    Well I need a bit of feedback for the lucario mod

    Yes! The Lucario mod is alive! It's kinda has been for the past few months since I've joined CF.

    I'm actually a big contributor for the lucario mod, the creator being that of
    Ochiru Yuki
    Although I need some input, either give me some ideas here or post in the mod discussion.

    The subject of the matter is here:

    I've been working on sets of armors for the lucario mod. Tier1 has finally been completed according to fan suggestions.

    You see regarding these armors, I am asking the users of the lucario mod about the armors as I progress in creating them. I want these armors to be comfortable to all who play the mod so I'm basing their colors, appearance, and theme upon feedback from all of you. I considered this since Character customization is a very personal feel and the armors should be as well.

    Even though I am asking suggestions the armors do have a theme. The theme is that of the Aura Guardians, the best example of the anime uniform would be tier2. To simplify what the theme of the armor implies:

    The Aura Guardians are an organization within the pokemon universe. This organization usually entails that of Lucario, humans who can use aura, and other pokemon that can use aura. Most regard them as knightly figures. Their armors usually consist of that of swordsmen like combat armor. Although since there is no futuristic look yet. The themes of the higher tiers will be that of biosuit like appearance based upon ancient armor themes. Although pay mind that there is a huge connection between aura guardians and crystals.

    Alright since that is out of the way, here is what I ask. I, hearing from all of you, would like to know if you approve of the current tier2, tier3, and tier4 armor designs? Mind that the armors are based upon the metals that they are made of so thus the colors. They will by dyable
    (armor designs are in the link listed above)

    Also another thing: Can I get some suggestions for the Tier5 a and c/Tier6 a and c armors?
    The "b" option has already got a suggestion regarding it's theme, The Egyptian Ion armors. This armor will be energy based

    So I need two more themes for these armors:

    Armor set "a" will be power based

    Armor set "c" will be defense based

    Both of these armors will have to be based upon actual armors that give an almost/full protection.

    Again I'm asking for suggestions from the users because I want these armors to feel comfortable with the player. I will leave this at that and hope for some good replies!

    Also for those who use the lucario race mod, please check that link listed above if you have not downloaded the recent Alphas. All of us who are working with the mod have made it Glad Giraffe fully playable. This solves all of the issues you may be facing. The Alphas are posted in the discussion. The next alpha will be when I finish creating these armors! So the lateness of such Alpha is dependent upon support from all of you.
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    I'm not trying to bash you here, just coming with feedback about the post.

    While colors are great for emphasis in a post, just remember some of us aren't using the new default and bright skin. Try and only use colors that work on both white & black backgrounds. I wasn't able to see the text "It's kinda has been for the past few months since I've joined CF.".
    Centering the text can give it a kind of poster/flyer feel or make it pop but you should only use it when there isn't much text. For a discussion thread like this with a lot of text, you should refrain from using it. Believe it or not but it is actually harder to read centered text.

    I also wonder who are you asking feedback from. This post will be hiding in the modding section where mostly mod developers linger. People who might not even use or care about your mod.
    I know it could get messy in your own thread that is created and linked to your own mod but everyone who cares about the mod would and should be able to see those posts.

    If you want to share important information then you can post an update on your mod page. This triggers notifications such as alerts on the site and sends an e-mail out to everyone that has subscribed to your mod, which is on by default when downloading a mod.
    Just don't overuse it because people will be expecting actual mod updates. if they aren't registered then nothing happens but they'd could still read the update page.

    As for feedback on the armor as a person who haven't used your mod.

    I had a bit trouble seeing what was part of the armor and what wasn't. The colors just kind of blended with your race's skin color. Now I don't know if your race just comes in blue but it would help separate the race & armor. I wasn't able to tell if it was a a full armor or if it was open and revealing skin.
    The shoes don't look done yet as they don't have any shading. They have a hard outline making them look flat.

    Overall I think you're using too hard lines (pitch black color) for defining features.
    In tier 3 & tier 4 I thought the hard black line for the belly makes it look like a beer belly.

    Edit:: Yikes.. I wanna apologize if I came off too strong. I will try and not to next time. :nuruflirt:
    "(you looked didn't you?)" Only on what you wanted feedback on, sadly.
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    Eh sorry about that. I'm used to Gaia Online's "quality and eye popping posts require banners and post formatting". I've gotten used to color coding sometimes with BBcoding. I could possibly do better but I more of wanted parts to be color coded so that they catch the eye. I probably have to get used to the more professional... ummm give me a forum name -thinks of reddit for some reason...- I actually don't use colors in my update posts for the mod.

    Although the Lucario mod isn't mine so I'm weary about posting too much in it's discussion.

    I've usually found that outside discussions like this bring people to the place of focus from other social network experiences. (you looked didn't you?)

    Besides all of that I wanted to broaden my feedback concerning the mod.

    <.<.... this text gives me the emotional vibes of pointing out wrongs... I need to work on polite but non aggressive sounding feedback. (probably judging myself harshly)

    Although thank you for your points though. There are actually a ton of other fur colors but for some reason that bright blue was decided to be the base. The legs are more of a mid grey range so for any grey area I try to darken the outlines. The sprite you see as my avatar here is my own custom sprite and the colors are a bit darker. My main concern with the base sprite is that the colors are too bright and thus it sort of confuses me when it has to be dark to show but if it's too bright, it blends. So thank you for tier 3 and 4.

    oh... and that beer gut thing.... the male sprites (look at my avatar) have the whole fur poofing off the chest. The females though I'm pretty sure you don't see as much of an issue with. So that's no actually the gut. Although if you are talking about the character creation shirts for the male, blame the apex. Since the mod isn't mine I'm trying to preserve as many of it's original concepts as I can...this includes... the apex clothes for character creation..

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