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    Better late than never, right?

    This tool converts frames to Lua code that can be used to animate any sprites in-game.
    The methods this tool uses makes any animations you create multiplayer compatible. The tool has some built in limitations to prevent you from causing (heavy) performance loss (for other players) by creating animations for large sprites.

    Note: With the current limitations that come with making multiplayer compatible mods, animations made through this tool will send a lot of additional data to the server. Animating and rendering bigger images also comes at the cost of quite some performance!
    Before using animations on servers, please first confirm that they do not cause any issues in single-player.

    Note: Requires .NET Framework 4.5 to run (not tested on 4.0, but it may work)!

    Official page:

    For each state you'd like to animate, drag in the frames in the empty box. You can order the frames around by selecting them and using your arrow keys.
    The crop function can be used to crop a larger asset into frames (which may be useful to you as a bunch of animations from Starbound are stored in a single image).

    The generated output exists of two parts; an animation canvas and the directives to draw your animations on the canvas.
    Experienced modders probably know at this point what they can do with the directives. If you don't, I recommended you to check out the output section on the official page.

    More detailed descriptions can be found on the official page, linked above.


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  3. Linkdeous

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    That seem awesomely usefull for a newcomer modder like me ! That really a nice software we have here :D
    Thanks for this tool, i will use it right away :D
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  4. Errors4l

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    It's probably going to take a bit more effort to get the output to work than to use the tool.
    I might remake the animation script soon to make application of the output more intuitive (or even build a new script by pressing generate), but until then feel free to leave any questions if the official page can't help you!
  5. Linkdeous

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    ^^ thanks ^^ By the way, i'm trying to put an vehicle image in the tool, but it dosn't work, a little tutorial maybe :D ?
  6. Errors4l

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    Check out
    If dragging in the image doesn't do anything you may have to run the application as an administrator (or the opposite of that). If the dimensions exceed the set limit it should tell you.
  7. Errors4l

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    Update: Reworked the output generation and included an animation mod. The animation mod is a complete rewrite of the Crasberry mod, which was previously recommended to use together with this tool.

    The mod contains a file "luanimation.lua", found in /tech/blink. You can paste the entire output directly into this file (replacing the original content) to apply all animations generated.
    You still have to manually create and spawn an item with the animation canvas, as described on the official page.
  8. xavierpunkreno

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    Question. I got everything working perfectly except i can still see my character with the animation playing over it. How am I supposed to make my character invisible to only show the animation?
  9. Errors4l

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    Player file editing. You'll basicallywant to replace your body, hair and emote directives with 00000000 using the ?replace;oldhex=newhex directive.
  10. CookyCuntsrukter

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    could you make a tutorial on how to make your character invisible because i am a modding noob (and also to help anyone like me?)
  11. Errors4l

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    If you're on Windows, you're in luck. If not, you'll have to look up how to unpack and repack your player files.

    You should first unpack the two batch files found in this zip to your /Starbound/win32 folder. You can then create shortcuts to the batch files and put them elsewhere for ease of access.

    Open both batch files in your text editor, and correct the two paths so that they match the location of your own dump_versioned_json.exe and make_versioned_json.exe. In the zip, the two paths you should change are:
    Note that not changing the paths will simply cause the batch files to close without showing you any error.

    After that, you can basically follow this video. Make sure that, when dragging your player file on top of the batch files, it says "Open with".

    The directives strings (applied to bodyDirectives, emoteDirectives and hairDirectives) is "?multiply=00000000". Make sure the lines look like this after editing the values:
    "bodyDirectives" : "?multiply=00000000",
  12. CookyCuntsrukter

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    Thank you :D it works

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