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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by IHart, Jul 4, 2017.

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    I am trying to set the <species> tag in cinematics but am 100% stuck. It honestly feels like i am missing a major paradigm of how the engine functions.

    Here is a script i cobbled together that overrides the species for the protectorate ship object, you can download and run the project as is to see that it works.

    What i need to accomplish is to update the <species> tag in "/cinematics/intro/introcomplete.cinematic" in a similar manner.

    What I have attempted so far is to add versions of the override i used on the object to the following lua files:
    - /quests/scripts/main.lua
    - /quests/scripts/portraits.lua (the portrait in similar cinematics also uses <species>)
    - /quests/scripts/tutorial/protectorate.lua
    - all of the above but after manually changing the tag to <speciesor>

    Most of the attempts just fizzled, no effect with nothing in log. Attached is a log with errors from an attempt.

    I welcome any solutions, insights, or even just comments about how terrible i am.

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  2. Cyel

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    from a quick snooping around, /objects/protectorate/objects/protectorateship/protectorateship.lua's only there to set the 'in-game' ship visual, and the /quests/scripts/tutorial/protectorate.lua script sends it the player's specie; the cinematic stuff is handled by the engine, and I don't think you can script it in any way.
    /quests/scripts/portraits.lua is only used by quests to generate drawable portraits in the questlog; it's <species> tag is for the specie-specific S.A.I.L. faces

    To do what you wanna do, maybe you could 'remake' the whole cinematic thingy either in a fullscreen interface, or as a map itself while locking the player for a moment, but that sounds dirtyhacky
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