Loveless Cutscenes/Events and Adventure part of the Game

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SG Harlekin, Mar 4, 2016.

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    I'm not sure if iam the only one around here.. But i think the events and specially the cutscenes are a total let-down.

    they are like 45 seconds where nothing really happens. Even the wedding was meh.

    I would suggest to give the player a way to actually interact with the townsfolk. Let them make decissions and such. Can't be too hard.

    Also the hidden locations and the "Adventrue- Fantasy- RPG" Whatever you like to call it- part lacks alot in my oppinion.

    You got those ulockable Areas wich are not even worth mentioning as tiny as they are. And then you got 2 mine- like Dungeons where all you do is going down and hope for some lucky drops..

    I got over 100 hours now in this game and don't get me wrong it`s a good harvest moon clone but that's quite about it.

    so overall my suggestion:

    Make the Adventure part more worth doing. Like add a forge and let the player craft theyr own stuff, make actual maps to explore and so on.

    Rework those boring cutscenes and NPC interaction overall. Let the player make decissions wich change the way NPC react or something. All you do is gift grinding and and listen to NPC's talking the same stuff day after day.

    Let the town expand maybe. Based on what decissions the player made in the past.

    and last but not least.

    I am aware that i surely have not seen everything about Stardew yet but theres not much left for sure.
    In any case if something of the above mentioned is already in the game im sorry. This also counts if there are already things announced wich i mentioned above i didn't check anything i just wanted to give my oppinion away.



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