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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sounique8, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. sounique8

    sounique8 Space Hobo

    I've been playing this game for about 3 years now and I'm still enjoying it especially with the new multiplayer update. There are few suggestions that I believe could make this game the best farming simulator, rpg ever.

    1. Please add additional maps with a diverse background of characters (ethnicity, gender pref.)

    2. My favorite thing to do in the game is fish. Please add larger fish for big catches and additional legendary fish and maybe a canoe

    3. The bug meat was removed as an option to create bait. Please bring this back as not enough bait is produced via the new process. I find myself purchasing bait from Willy (especially with all my crab pots) and yes I know it only costs 5g.

    4. additional storage for the kitchen

    5. A way to sort inventory and storage by item type (edibles, natural elements (stone, wood, coal, ores))

    6. All stored items should be accessible from any storage bin

    7. Additional career paths (e.g. cooking career path to prepare and sell quality dishes)

    8. On lucky days a chance for pets to find items (money or other items) by digging

    8a. Pets should also scare off crows if you show them love (feed and pet them daily)

    9. Additional crops: sugarcane, tobacco, tea, etc.

    10. Another use for the bath house area. Maybe add a gym to improve player's strength to slow fatigue and increase walking speed.

    11. More animals and different coat patters for animals (e.g. horses)

    P.S. if any of these are already present please disregard. Love this game and would like to help in its continuous improvement :)

    This list is not in order of priority
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    • iCody

      iCody Poptop Tamer

      @#3 there is a craftable item that makes continuous bait. Just have a few of those and you’re set for life.
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      • sounique8

        sounique8 Space Hobo

        Thank you, I'm not sure if you're speaking of the green machine (not sure what it's called) but it produces 5 bait at a time. I have 2 but I remember when bug meat was once used to produce bait. It produced more than 5 bait if I'm remembering correctly but I may be mistaken.
        • Zosa

          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

        • sounique8

          sounique8 Space Hobo

          Thanks Zosa, guess I gotta keep on keeping on lol. By the way, if I add mods will this affect future updates to the game or my saved games?
          • Zosa

            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

            these only affect your game though if there are future updates to the mods or to sdv it may cause problems with some of them(though aside from diverse stardew which i am waiting on more chars for i have tried all of these with the updated beta and they work without causing any issues to existing saves)

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