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Lotta Artwork, but hey a questionnaire

Discussion in 'Art' started by LuigitheMan20, Jan 16, 2020 at 4:16 PM.


Which sounds better for an upload?

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  1. Killer of the Deep cover art

  2. Hardcore Survival with a self-aware Glitch and a psycho Hylotl

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  3. A digitally illustrated piece on Tarula the Floran Warmaiden

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  1. LuigitheMan20

    LuigitheMan20 Star Wrangler

    So I got engrossed in Starbound and - typing this for the second time as my cat attacks my leg - and I wanted to do some art on it again. Here's some ideas:

    - Cover art for a fan comic I'm working on. Been kinda putting it off due to a myriad of other things; however, I've been wanting to get back to it despite it going to be strictly digital.

    - For the past few days I've been trying out Hardcore mode with a shopkeeper Glitch OC I named Ironmail. So far there's been several bumps, but it's going along. Been inspired lately to make a piece "advertising" it after making a second character to take on the challenge (and by listening to Sing's Butterfly for an hour straight).

    - I always had the idea to show Tarula where she is now, or before I installed Frackin' Universe and began investing time into that. I think some of you guys might like it... you sickos, lol.

    I'm gonna give this a week. Have fun!

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