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Bug/Issue Lots of "repeating" issues

Discussion in 'Support' started by oldmanstu, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. oldmanstu

    oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

    Vita version.

    Noticed that in the Vita version of this game there seems to be a recurring problem with things repeating themselves.

    1) Skull Cavern - this place is the best (worst?) example of it. You go in and the first floor layout you get is then repeated almost identically for the next 8-22 levels. The floor, the nodes, the enemies all are identical. Then when you do get a change of layout, THAT then repeats for another 8-22 levels.

    2) Geode payout - I have had more than one instance of this happening. I take in a set of geodes to be opened and I get 3 gems/artefacts repeated up to 8 times. This is random and can happen concurrently or not. I know it's random, but the odds of getting the same 3 g/a 24 times in a row must be monumentally high.

    3) Trash cans - The other day I found bread inside a trashcan. Then for the next 3 days, every bin I checked had bread inside it.

    It can't be coincidence that the Vita version has all these issues with items/layouts repeating. Can it?

    Would very much like an update on whether these issues are being worked on - especially the Skull Cavern one as that makes the whole mining area boring. I loved Skull Cavern on the PC version and would often take multiple stacks of 999 stone in so I could make trapdoors and go down to level 150+.
    • oldmanstu

      oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

      Bump in anticipation of some official comment.
      • Eve_lyn

        Eve_lyn Space Hobo

        Hi - I too have the game for Vita and also am having problems with Skull Caverns. I don't rummage through the rubbish, and haven't noticed repeat problems with geodes - but definitely repeated floors in Skull Caverns. It's winter, and I want to upgrade my tools to iridium - however, the floor just repeats with no iridium (no matter the luck of the day). Both my vita and the game are as updated as can be.
        • oldmanstu

          oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

          I am actually very disappointed in this forum and it's moderators/staff.
          I have seen this issue raised in another thread - not Support area - and not once has anyone given any official response.
          I had this lovely picture of ConcernedApe and Chucklefish being all friendly and caring. Not getting that vibe anymore.
          • alholm

            alholm Tentacle Wrangler

            I get the idea that this might be something that is more in the hands of the company that ported it onto Vita (Sickhead Games?) but I have no idea how to contact them, so I guess I’ll just keep checking here occasionally until it’s acknowledged/fixed.
            • UnexpectedParole

              UnexpectedParole Industrial Terraformer

              Vita problems will be sorted after the pc problems.

              Presumably they need to fix the code in the pc first. This has always been the case and nothing has changed. The announcements have been nothing but uniform on that.

              There is no time frame to post, because there is no idea when the beta will be done on pc. It is in BETA testing.

              concerned_ape is busy fixing bugs found in the beta instead of going to the forums to answer questions that have already been answered. Everywhere.

              so one more time.

              When will this fix be made for Vita? After the beta of pc is done. When will that be? No one is sure. We (those of us playing the beta) have been making great play testing progress and there have been a ton of bugs fixed so far. But since no-one knows know how many more bugs are out there yet, and no-one knows how complex they will be, No one is able to put a time line on it.

              So I would hope you'll be able to wait. ?
              • alexaxa

                alexaxa Space Spelunker

                You do understand that people working on the vita port are probably a totally different team than the one working on the PC multiplayer beta, right ?
                • oldmanstu

                  oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

                  @UnexpectedParole As alexaxa has said, I very much doubt concernedape himself is dealing with the Vita bugs and patch so your notion of him being too busy to check the forums is headscratching at the very least.

                  Someone said it is Sickhead Games or similar who did the Vita version, so it would be nice if some community manager go in touch with them and asked them if they are aware of the bugs/glitches in the Vita version.

                  When I buy games for my PC, it is now a sad truth that most of them require a patch or 2 before they are fully playable. Seeing as there are literally thousands of different PC configurations out there, you can understand it.
                  The Vita is one machine made up of identical parts no matter who the user is and it is usual that when a console game is released it is pretty much in a finished state.
                  Recently, that pattern has changed and we are getting bugged as hell releases and we have to ask questions about patches or else we get told nothing.

                  If you want to know a true horror story - go look up Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer on the Vita.
                  Released with soooo many bugs and slowdown issues. Vlambeer kept promising a patch on twitter but after a year or so they just stopped answering questions and I am still not sure if they ever did release a fix for their shoddy port.
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                  • teyavatch

                    teyavatch Astral Cartographer

                    People are starting to get mad. I don’t think that’s entirely unreasonable, considering these are the official forums and all most folks want is someone in authority to acknowledge things are in need of work and provide relevant information about if/when those things are going to be fixed.
                    • UnexpectedParole

                      UnexpectedParole Industrial Terraformer

                      I did not say he was working on the Vita Bugs. I said he was working on the bugs found by the beta. Which has been clearly identified in many posts and mine , as on the PC. All of the posted information and answers say the same thing.

                      Schematics and wordplay and conjecture as to why what is , is, aside. The answer to the question you keep asking. "When will the beta be fixed?" is still "After the PC is fixed"

                      If you need to ask the follow up question "what is the timeline on that" the answer still is "We do not know."

                      Expecting some-one to come on every day and answer the same question over and over is what makes me scratch my head.

                      After the beta is fixed mate. It will be fixed after the beta. That has been the official answer from the begining. They know there are bugs and will fix them after the beta.

                      Is there a special forum set up some-where for Vita bugs? Try there ?

                      1 last time. The scheduled timeframe for the repairs you desire for the game will be made after the beta is closed and all the pc issues will be fixed.

                      • oldmanstu

                        oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

                        What are you failing to grasp here?

                        The Vita version is not based on the Beta build you are testing on the PC. That is mainly mp based.

                        The Vita version is based on the full release SV that has been on Steam for years now.

                        Why are you here white knighting the people who should be answering the questions related to the VITA version, not the PC one you keep going on about.

                        As to repeated questions being answered. Try again, chuckles.

                        The question "Why is Skull Cavern repeating levels?" has NEVER been answered by anyone. Makes me scratch my head.
                        • alholm

                          alholm Tentacle Wrangler

                          Still no word on this bug, huh? Once again, just an acknowledgment that the bug has been recognized and put on a to-do list is all I really want. That doesn’t seem like so much to ask.
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                          • oldmanstu

                            oldmanstu Astral Cartographer

                            Sadly, no.
                            Whilst it is amazing to have SV on the Vita, the crashes and repeating issues are really frustrating. Like you, I just want some announcement that it is being looked into.
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