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Lost Tools (Xbox One)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lady_Pendleton, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Lady_Pendleton

    Lady_Pendleton Space Hobo

    The other day I lost my watering can. Checked and double checked all chests, mill, and fridge, and hit organize on each one so if my tool was there it would come up first. Could not find it, but decided it was ok because I use sprinklers anyways. It has not shown up the next day and it is too late for me to restart the day. Now my hoe has gone, which is much more important and I dont know why they keep disappearing. Have not died, have not put them away. They are just not there. I exited the game soon as I noticed and I hope it returns but how can I prevent this happening? Saw something about Ape making it so you can buy standard tools but have not seen the update happen. I am in year 3 and do NOT want to restart the entire game. Before anyone says, there is no way I missed a chest I keep everything in storage except for a 'garbage' chest next to my recycling machines which I checked

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