Bug/Issue Lost controls after throwing fishing line on bridge

Discussion in 'Support' started by Angilis, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Angilis

    Angilis Space Hobo

    As the title says:


    I'm currently waiting for my character to become exhausted and hopefully that fixes my problems the next day, but after accidentally throwing a fishing line on this bridge, I became stuck! Oddly enough the UI still seems to react to my mouse, but I can't select anything or access any menus (as you can probably see, the fishing rod is still out). Has anyone else gotten into this state by any other means? Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place or if this has been written already. First post!
    • gamerjr

      gamerjr Space Hobo

      I have the same issue and it's happened twice fishing of the docks by the ocean.
      • Angilis

        Angilis Space Hobo

        Next day update since I forgot to reply here, but having my character pass out worked around the issue. I'll avoid rampant bridge fishing to spare myself the rescue fees.
        • PurpleCat

          PurpleCat Space Spelunker

          That has happened to me once on the Docks so it isn't just the bridge
          • sprekken

            sprekken Phantasmal Quasar

            Same just happened to me, too.
            • PurpleCat

              PurpleCat Space Spelunker

              Just wait until the next day and hopefully they will fix this bug soon

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