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Bug/Issue Losing Tools Permanently

Discussion in 'Support' started by Awoo, May 1, 2018.

  1. Awoo

    Awoo Space Hobo

    Currently there are a few ways to permanently lose tools. These should probably be addressed by adding in a new way to get basic stage 1 tools.

    Example 1: Take your tool to the upgrader. Start an upgrade. Leave the game.

    You won't get your upgrade. It will never complete. When you return to the game the merchant will be useable as normal and will not tell you "return in a few days".

    Example 2: Put tools in chest. Another person takes your tools. That person logs off. Your tools are gone forever.


    Workarounds: Make a new character. Join them to the game. Dump all their tools into a chest. Delete that character.

    This is obviously not an ideal situation and it would be useful to have an in-game method to acquire new tools.

    Thank you for the update Chucklefish. We are enjoying it tremendously.
    • Roaming

      Roaming Big Damn Hero

      Just had this happen to me as well. Was on a friends farm. Put my tool up for upgrade. Had to leave for a few minutes came back in the next day and tool is no longer at the blacksmiths.

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