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Lore head-canon sharing thread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Armok, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    out of sheer boredom I've decided to go see how well a thread like this will fare, hopefully this won't devolve into another one of those tiresome canon vs. beta/legacy lore situations

    but anyways, here's a link to my google doc of vanilla-friendly head-canons: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EMbWcl1Cq7fTA5oTWR_VvXL5dLr3zJfhSe5gn_sVPmk/edit?usp=sharing

    (if you're wondering at all about the parentheses with the word implemented in them, they're because I've implemented them in some form into one of my mods, it's also worth noting that some of these head-canons are due for revisions to keep them in par with what I ended up introducing in my said mods)

    but anyways, I'd love to hear other people's head-canons (preferably based on canonical vanilla lore), as well as whatever responses people have to my ideas
  2. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    I have at least 2 that still hold up:
    1: The old codexes are still "canon"... as in-universe fiction, excepting those that were rewritten and still in-game, such as the books about when Dreadwing briefly became an impostor Glitch king (The would-be King), with those still in the game having been republished with different writing. They don't appear in-game because they flopped due to the following:
    • Great Ape was depicted as an idiot with a tenuous grasp in reality, basically cutting off MiniKnog Apex populations from the market (Think of it as how a book that shamelessly portrayed the Chinese Communist Party as a bunch of hacks who casually commit truly horrific acts both in policy and in person would likely get banned in China).
    • The casual anti-Hylotl racism (To the point of treating harm coming towards them as consistently funny and always depicting them as egocentric pedants) put off the great majority of the Hylotl population, cutting off another sizable portion of the galactic population.
    • Humans, as much as they'd still matter in the grand scheme of the market, likely didn't like reading fiction of how they're portrayed as the typical militaristic human empire of fiction because to them it'd be an horribly outdated stereotype. Moreover, they mostly wouldn't enjoy reading a book in which an important plot point is the Earth's destruction shortly after it has happened.
    • Florans, similarly, didn't like their portrayal as sadistic bloodthirsty barbarians who are incredibly cruel to both each other and other races. Now, them being bloodthirsty and eating other races is very often true, but from those traits get exaggerated to a point where the old lore books were almost trying to tell the reader that Floran genocide is always justified, specially as the figure of Greenfinger can be taken to be a negative portrayal of even a "civilized" Floran, according to which even the ones who don't hunt, torture and eat other races are actively plotting their subjugation and demise.
    • Kluexian Avians didn't like their religion's portrayal in the books as an idiotic superstition whose followers literally throw themselves off buildings to their death in order to attain their wings, as opposed to their actual reasons sacrifice themselves (Namely, to free their sould from their bodies and truly join Kluex in the afterlife), while Grounded ones are minority and even they probably found them as being given poor arguments.
    • The self-aware Glitch likely considered the books to fail severely at Glitch "biology" as well as portraying the non-awakened ones as having a society practically based around hunting down self-aware ones with practically no other aspects of their society being shown.
    • Novakids weren't mentioned and they're quite hard to sell books to in general due to their short attention spans.
    Judging by how all the races but humans are portrayed as very ugly, greedy stereotypes and the USCM having a much bigger role in the old lore, I suspect that those books were, if not penned, at least writen by a human supremacist USCM member trying to depict a world in which the USCM, and not the Protectorate, had the bigger influence on humanity, hence them being depicted as more competently and having a different meaning to their achronym.
    2: The story of Earth before the formation of the Terrene Protectorate had at least one societal collapse event, likely caused by wars stemming from lack of resources, which destroyed most recorded history up to that point. This is evidenced by many of their codexes noting a chaotic past, and how pre-warp space travel has become an old legend with little to no material evidence.
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  3. Armok

    Armok Cosmic Narwhal

    I happen to share your second head-canon too, just haven't gotten to writing it down yet in my doc, I should do that sometime! (maybe in conjunction with my theory as to how humans ended up on Aurania over in wargroove)

    either way, I like your recontextualizing of the old beta lorebooks, reminds me of when the mod author of betabound (semi-jokingly) considered reintroducing them but with the caveat of them all being written by Asra Nox (which in turn brings to mind how many of the lorebooks could have been written as Occasus propaganda, hard to say what they're opinions on the USCM were though, even if it seems many Occasus might be ex-USCM)
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