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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Davrial, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Davrial

    Davrial Big Damn Hero

    I wanted to make a couple simple mods to do 2 similar things, both related to loot tables/ loot chances. I wanted to get rid of stone and coal from the omnigeode's loot table, because the fact that a geode that important can have just stone is ridiculous. The thing, unopened, sells for 200, it shouldn't be able to have something that petty in it. So I wanted to get rid of that. I also wanted to bump up the drop chance of the 2nd dwarven scroll in anything that had it because I've been trying to get it for a whole in game week and I haven't been able to get it to drop (and yes I know where it CAN drop from it just wont).

    The problem is, all the loot tables are expressed in positions, decimals in said positions correlating to the probability of a specific item, and (the most confusing part) numbers for items instead of names.

    I was wondering if anyone had managed to interpret the number values so they could explain it to me to help me find what I'm looking for in the mess of numbers. Assistance, please?

    (Note: I've been able to find the names-numbers correlation for other items in other documents, such as the crops having the names right next to the numbers in their document, but I can't find any such thing to use as a guide for any of the mine related things.)
    • ConditionOfMan

      ConditionOfMan Intergalactic Tourist

      I too would like to manipulate the loot tables. I'm working on a mod that adds several items, some of which I want to be Artifacts and Minerals.
      • Davrial

        Davrial Big Damn Hero

        I have actually come very far in documenting all the numeric item IDs and listing them all out. Will post the document when finished. It will make locating things much easier, and help make clear the mess of numbers.
        • Keirathi

          Keirathi Void-Bound Voyager

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        • Davrial

          Davrial Big Damn Hero

          Pretty good, but you have a lot of duplicates (especially for stone) and dont cover the IDs of placeable items. Also why did you have the negative values only listed in the code and not show up in the document itself? Those are important too.

          Still, lots better than what I was doing. I was searching the files and entering them manually.
          • Davrial

            Davrial Big Damn Hero

            Well bad news for anyone wanting to edit geode loot tables like myself. Using the list of item IDs that Keirathi generated, I have determined that... the geodes' loot tables are not completely there even in the only document they are present in at all. For some reason, each geode types only lists the minerals and artifacts they can have. I guess the loot chances/rates and (extremely unfortunate, especially me) the chance for them to have stone or coal, are hardcoded.

            Looks like my mod is going to be a lot harder to do than I thought.

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