Looks like Divorce will be possible v1.1

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    oh god don't even go there
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      Ohhh nooooo bad memories. I could't get myself to go that route playing, so I watched Jacksepticeye Play the genocide run. That was bad enough.
      it still hurt my heart
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        Took a peak and he doesn't have any so don't worry~
        In fact, only Sebastian and Abigail seem to have specific dialogue...

        "I used to be special to you, your best friend... now you only seem to put up with me when I make a hot dinner.$s"
        "You've been so cold to me lately... What's wrong with you? You're acting like a bog spirit...$s"
        "I wonder if I could've done better... I was very good friends with Sebastian before we met. He was probably the one...$s"

        I also found these general ones, no idea if they're actually in the game or not... I certainly don't want to find out for myself.

        "...Do you still love me?$s"
        "*sigh*... Maybe we got married too young.$s"
        "Are you still happy with me?s"
        "Did I do something wrong? You've been acting different lately.$s"
        "Do you ever wonder what else is out there?$s"
        "You used to be romantic... what happened? I know I'm not as young as I used to be... is that what you married me for?$a"
        "We only have one short life to live... is this the best way to do it?$s"
        "I used to be your sweetie... now you only seem to put up with me when I make a hot dinner.$s"
        "You've been so cold to me lately...$s"
        "I wonder if I could've done better.$s"

        (might be obvious but $s= sad face, $a is angry)
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          that whole twitter post is so funny
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            nigga i make all the money
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              Hmm the Divorce dialog well be inserting and maybe some heartbreak for people who want that drama but I myself might not use it
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                Except in this case you don't have the excuse of having a horribly emotionally damaged/impaired kid inside your head egging you on, over the course of what could be hundreds of years, to make them miserable. Just yourself. :V
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                  that's why it's worse!!!!
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                    Implying It's just me in here.
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                      As the forum's token Haley Person, allow me to welcome you to the club and issue you your SDV Marriage Choice Community Pariah Club Card. We're working on tightening that name up.
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                        I wonder if there'll be consequences to divorce, like the other townsfolk shunning you, a cooldown of at least a year on talking to the divorcee, or maybe if the farmer divorces a particularly emotionally vulnerable character like Seb or Shane, then they'll commit suicide or become even more emotionally shut down. I don't want it to happen or anything, I just think that divorce in many situations is kind of a scummy thing to do (in SD where the other partner is usually in love, irl there are definitely understandable situations where neither is satisfied with the relationship) and would merit some negative consequences.
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                          I think suicide is way too touchy a subject to put in the game. Plus, there are characters even more emotionally vuilnerable than Shane and Sebastian, who at least are somewhat numb to being kicked by the world. Alex in regards to a male Farmer is definitely more vulnerable than Shane or Sebastian. Penny is more vulnerable. Hell, Penny is probably the most emotionally vulnerable person in the valley, given the hits you can take during her heart events.

                          If anything, I think heart hits to everyone in their social circle plus the ex would be appropriate. Family should take the next largest not, aside from what the Romance Option takes, then friends the next hardest. Though there would still be issues doing it that way in emotionally distance relationships, like the one between Demetrius and Sebastian.
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                            Fair enough. I agree that suicide is pretty far for Stardew but I was just providing an example of the huge backlash that can arise from heartbreaking events like a divorce. Also, I provided Shane and Sebastian as examples because I have yet to really invest time in any more vulnerable characters like Penny and I am only halfway through Alex but since you mentioned him I could understand that. Overall I just think that it would be in poor tastes for divorce to be treated as just a small deal. While obviously like you said suicide is pretty far, I still think there should be a wait period before you can increase hearts with the divorcee and their friends. It would be pretty ridiculous and insulting to people who have experienced the emotional fallout of a divorce to just have the character be able to re-romance the divorcee a week later.
                            • Ghostly Fox

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                              Personally I think that if you divorce someone, that should be it for romancing them. No second chances- they should refuse to date someone they already were divorced from once. I think a wait period on the ex, their family, and their friends and a heart hit for at least some of those would be fair. Maybe even other romance options taking a small hit because, if you divorced the person you married, what's stopping you from dropping them?

                              I also think divorce should have a larger penalty if you have higher hearts with them- At 12 hearts take 8 hearts, 10 is 6, etc. The spouse being able to file for divorce if left at low hearts for long enough would be a fair thing to implement, in my opinion.
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