Looking to start a multiplayer farm!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by AntagonizingFluff, May 3, 2019.

  1. AntagonizingFluff

    AntagonizingFluff Master Chief

    Vanilla game, no mods.
    I'm Summer, and I've been playing SDV for a few years.
    My favorite farm type is Hilltop and Standard.
    See you soon, farmer! I am on PC.
    • SerafinaSaely

      SerafinaSaely Orbital Explorer

      Hi there!! I am Serafina and I've been playing Stardew for some time as well. I am currently looking for active people to join my farm or host another. Would you be interested?
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      • Penny's Love

        Penny's Love Void-Bound Voyager

        Hi , I've also been playing Stardew Valley for a long time, I'd love to start a farm with you. If you're on steam you can add me.
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        • Jay {Cyberlink}

          Jay {Cyberlink} Master Chief

          Greetings farmers, Also looking for a farm to join.
          Please Pm me if you have space for a good farm worker. :nurunaughty:
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          • AntagonizingFluff

            AntagonizingFluff Master Chief

            Of course I'm interested, what's your Steam ID?

            Is your Steam ID on your profile? :)
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            • compello

              compello Space Hobo

              Feel free to PM me too, if you have space. My steam is: compello
              • Penny's Love

                Penny's Love Void-Bound Voyager

                It is now and I also left you a message. ^^
                • JuniBeen

                  JuniBeen Intergalactic Tourist

                  hi can i maybe join any servers? my steam is ore_ohnoes

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