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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ElliotBlu, Sep 16, 2019.

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    I wanted to ask if somebody knows of a way to alter the experience level caps? Is there a mod(I could only find Prestige which isnt exactly what I'm looking for)?
    Or maybe its possible to alter the caps in the content files? I couldn't find information where they might be stored or if it would even be possible.
    Reason: I play with additional speed and am leveling up way too fast. Would love to change the setting to make it harder (Like the hard mode community bundle oberhauls which I use).

    So instead of :
    Lvl Total Experience
    2 380
    3 770
    4 1300
    5 2150
    Lvl Total Experience
    7 4800
    8 6900
    9 10000
    10 15000

    you have something like this:

    Lvl Total Experience
    2 500
    3 1500
    4 2000
    5 3000
    Lvl Total Experience
    7 8000
    8 10000
    9 15000
    10 30000

    Edit: Level 100 Skills isn't really what I'm looking for because as I understand it it just increases the bonuses, making the game way too easy.
    • jahangmar

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      I'm not aware of a mod that does that but I took a look at the game code. The levels are hard coded in Farmer.checkForLevelGain . There is no content file that affects this. You could ask here if someone wants to implement this as an smapi mod. This could be done either by harmony patching or by checking the experience/levels on every tick and resetting them to the value according to your list.

      I might do this since I have a few additional ideas. I have to think about this.
      • ElliotBlu

        ElliotBlu Void-Bound Voyager

        Thanks for the information.
        Would be great if you or someone else could do this.

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