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Discussion in 'Hangout Threads' started by Ordona, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Fizzlepop531

    Fizzlepop531 Seal Broken

    This past week I figured out how to set up a local Multiplayer server. My g/f and I have been having a blast! However, I have her connecting to my internal IP. I'm not certain if I have it setup for external access or not.

    I really feel that CF needs to make multiplayer more accessible to the masses. As it is right now, you need to depend on the generosity of the community to host servers, or have the knowledge on how to configure one yourself. Sadly the masses are not that Tech savvy.
  2. Combozone

    Combozone Phantasmal Quasar

    Guess what! They said that in the 1.0 update that multiplayer will become a lot more seamless. You can invite up to 4 friends I think just through steam, and an actual server process will be much easier to connect to then what is currently available.
    Another reason to wait for 1.0!
    (Wish I could play with you guys. ;( )
  3. Fizzlepop531

    Fizzlepop531 Seal Broken

    That is a HUGE relief!

    I am ok with computers (I should be better since that is what I did in college). So setting up a server wasn't that difficult. But I can only imagine how may kids would 'break' their computers attempting to set static IP's and such. It's trivial, and easily fixed, but those who aren't savvy, could end up very frustrated.

    I am sooo much more excited for 1.0 now! Which is interesting, since my excitement was already at max.
  4. Combozone

    Combozone Phantasmal Quasar

    (c-can i join you guys somehow? notice me glitch-pai)
  5. mitzSBnovakid

    mitzSBnovakid Title Not Found

    servers? pfft! just call my dad and he'll create a whole room of them!...
    for 100K or so.
    for professionals only.
    so he would kinda be no use here, but he managed to figure out a SB server for just me and my brother.
    and NO, you won't join.
  6. Fizzlepop531

    Fizzlepop531 Seal Broken

    If I had the hardware, I could definitely start my own server. I studied Networking and Security in college. And still work in the IT Field. I sadly just don't have the resources to begin my own true server.

    And the computer I currently play on, is my work laptop, so i'm sorta restricted from doing certain things = /
  7. MrToni300

    MrToni300 Pangalactic Porcupine

    And i played on Starbound multiplayer only once.
  8. Keppabar

    Keppabar Big Damn Hero

    I'm looking for someone to play starbound with, ideally single person or small group as I have difficulty fitting in on large clan type servers. Oh and I like playing with the Kezdra mod on if possible.
  9. bellanut3lla

    bellanut3lla Space Hobo

    my name is bellataylor_xox and I've been playing starbound all alone for like ever and love to play with some people :3
  10. Hiroku

    Hiroku Star Wrangler

    i know this thread is old but i still might get somthing out of it,im look for about 2-3 players willing to take on 1.0 with me. i just started and i hope that the people who join me have too. the steam name is anime sinner... or demonicarcher1528 im not really sure what will come up but the first one is the one my friends see.
  11. Whitey1347

    Whitey1347 Space Hobo

    Just started looking to put in some hours into 1.0. Steam name is Jwhite. Space cat is image.
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  12. Lil Dale03

    Lil Dale03 Void-Bound Voyager

    Looking for some people to take on Starbound 1.0 with Mods! Steam name is lildale03. :)
  13. Ravenxo

    Ravenxo Space Spelunker

    --- Post updated ---
    looking for a someone or a group to play with my steam name is raestars add me and message
  14. bmer

    bmer Space Hobo

    Hi all,

    I am looking for people to play Starbound 1.0 with Frackin' Universe mods.

    I have not made it far into the game, so I want to play with someone who is willing to take it slow and *experience* the game. Not just rush through everything and min-max the hell out of it, while inundating me with spoilers.

    Also, I do not like killing friendly NPCs, and wrecking their stuff -- I don't mind opening their crates though. I prefer to craft stuff myself, instead of killing friendlies for it.

    I am more of an explorer/materials gatherer, so if you have fun building, then we might match up particularly well, but no worries if you don't. We'll make it through anyway.

    My steam name is prionicide. Feel free to add me!
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  15. 1212

    1212 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello everyone :D

    Im looking for people to play with if you're intrested add me on steam(but keep in mind i mostly play with mods) my steam username is:White Nigerian King[GENERALRP]
  16. 1212

    1212 Void-Bound Voyager

    I looked up your profile on steam but you weren't there only some person with no games at all
  17. StormTroll

    StormTroll Void-Bound Voyager


    Good evening!

    I am looking for someone or some group to play with! I want to start over a new and fresh Character in Starbound to play a standard survival style game from beginning.

    I hope to make new friends!

    I am StormTroll in steamchat.

    Eager to meet people and play.

    See you around! :nuruhype:
  18. StormTroll

    StormTroll Void-Bound Voyager

    I am all about going slow to experience stuff. I like immersive style game.
  19. hi everyone!
  20. i need someone to play starbound with me
    i have no friends that have starbound and i have three friends thats probobly why

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