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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Jusey1, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Jusey1

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    Greetings! Hey! Um... So, I'm still a bit new to modding to Starbound and there are some things I'm never good at, such as making new assets, so I'm looking for some partners to work with on a little project idea of mine. It's nothing biggy. Just some new gear really that works for both normal races and the Avali race.

    It's just... Again, not good at making assets and I am not sure if my ideas are completely possible. However, I should be able to figure it out pretty easily once I get some help with fellow modders who knows this better than I.

    So... Basically, I wanna make 3 things under the theme of Zaros, the god from RuneScape. 2 of which are weapons, the 3rd one being an outfit or maybe two (outfits are pretty easy to make once you have at least one)... The hard part are the weapons.

    The first one is a new staff with it's own effects and what not. The second is a gun-sword where primary fire should be you using the sword normally (maybe even with a fancy long combo?) and the secondary actually you using the gun part of it, specifically it being a shotgun. Granted, I would love to add in a 3rd option to the sword but I don't think that's possible...

    Anyways... Um... Ye'h. If anyone wanna help out and what not. Message me here, and then we can maybe meet on Discord or something for discussion and getting to the work? Yes?

    I also greatly apologize if this isn't allowed here or is in the wrong place.
  2. Jusey1

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    So I wanna add that someone did pitch in and we're doing a lot of work together, me basically being on script duty mostly and him on pixel duty. However, we both are pretty stumped when it comes to making new abilities and sword combos. If there are anyone who is good at this kind of stuff, please send me a message. I would appreciate the quick help on our weapons.
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    Not saying u shouldn't do the stuff I'm warning u about, but...
    When it comes to personal projects, the more ppl working on a project, the more likely ownership conflict will come up. be careful
  4. Jusey1

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    I know. I've been modding games for over 12+ years now.

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