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Discussion in 'Mods' started by missydiabolic, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. missydiabolic

    missydiabolic Orbital Explorer

    Hello lovely people,

    I am posting this in the hope of finding someone (or multiple some ones) who is/are interested in taking over a part-way finished town overhaul project, or who would like to use my assets and go in a new direction with them; if you are a Modder or want to be one please do read on...

    A few months ago I started working on a town buildings overhaul, and shared some previews of the progress over on nexus (such as here and here I've been getting great feedback and positive reactions from these and was eager to finish the project, especially after my shirts mod was a surprise hit (5k downloads still blows my mind! <3 to everyone who downloaded!)

    Unfortunately it now seems I cannot continue my work, for a couple of reasons:

    1) I have M.E., aka chronic fatigue syndrome. The easiest way to describe my day to day health is it's like having a hangover, while having the flu, after running a marathon. Lately my joint pain and 'brain fog' has been particularly bad, I just can't concentrate on all those pixels. This has been compounded by...

    2) My dad died the day after Christmas, 3 days after his 53rd birthday. Concentrating properly on anything right now is just so, so hard.

    I know that I won't be working on anything for some time and that the project could easily just be forgotten. I thought about publishing it as is, with a warning that it wasn't perfected, but that just isn't my style; I'm a perfectionist and I don't like giving people sloppy work.

    So, I was thinking, maybe someone out there could take up the mantle? I am very happy to share my work with anyone, they can tweak, edit, re-imagine to their hearts content and post it under their name; I'd only ask that they mention me as a co-creator in the credits, and that they produce a complete, finished, polished mod.

    If you are interested, the file can be found in my drop box here:

    **A note on file format- I use GIMP, I have never used anything else, so the files are .xcf to preserve the layers I have been using as I developed the mod. If you need a different format tell me what kind and I'll try to convert them (and keep in mind I have limited knowledge on graphics programmes, file formats etc and am brain foggy! I got so confused on how to export multiple layers, like, is that even a possible thing? Should I just export each separate layer for you to put back together your end? damn you, brain fog!)
    • Pathoschild

      Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

      You're certainly having a rough time; I hope things get better for you. I posted this in the Discord so more modders see it. :)
      • Yoseiri

        Yoseiri Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        YEs!! I am willing to do it!!! i hope your life will get better though!!
        • Pathoschild

          Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

          @missydiabolic Two questions:
          • That Dropbox link doesn't work; can you post a shared link instead? (You could also zip up the files and attach them here.)
          • Do you mind if modders use your work in a different mod (i.e. not a town overhaul mod), as long as they credit you?
          • missydiabolic

            missydiabolic Orbital Explorer


            Yoseiri, super exciting that you are interested, thank you <3
            Pathoschild, doh! my bad, here's a link that should actually work:
            I tried archiving it as a zip and uploading but the file was too big. I could always export all the separate layers as pngs and upload them one at a time if that would help x

            Oh and yes I totally am happy for people to take the mod in whatever direction they choose; a new map, a town overhaul, individual building overhauls, whatever floats your boat, I just ask that whoever publishes ensures quality work (for example, I haven't play tested any of the designs in game, someone would need to do this, i' hate my work to cause trouble in other peeps games)
            • missydiabolic

              missydiabolic Orbital Explorer

            • Feenie13

              Feenie13 Void-Bound Voyager

              I'm so sorry! I can, at the very least, help test this for those who need it, I'm not the best at handling programming yet.

              I am sad you aren't continuing, but if it's for personal reasons, then so be it. Best of luck to you in everything!

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