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Discussion in 'Modding Discussion' started by Ithiloneth, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Ithiloneth

    Ithiloneth Intergalactic Tourist

    I'll try to be brief here. I want to exchange the graphics of Morten Lannis with those of Gina Nia. Is this at all possible?

    I've tried copying and then renaming the .png:s of Gina Nia in MyMod/particles. This seems futile as I can't also switch out the animation .png:s since I can only find the ones corresponding to Lannis.

    Another attempt was made where I simply switched the "unitTypeName": "lannisMorten", for "unitTypeName": "ginaNia".

    This had more or less the desired results but it seems to be causing a crash @ my first debriefing.

    Noteworthy change I've made in conjunction with this is setting the backpack size of the player character to be 30. Which, obviously, is a bit overkill but to each their own, right? ^^

    Some ramblings...
    So I looked at the Wiki which told me where the .png:s go; gfx/units/player/ and correctly so for it seems the included mods do keep their custom animation .png:s here. However the base does not appear to keep the files here, instead it holds a list (I'm pretty sure it doesn't hold the .png:s, I chekced the file size) with an entry of each .png's name. I *did* find some .png:s containing what I think are the visuals for the other characters, problem is that they are not alone. Instead these images are parts of a huge sprite map complex containing images of all sorts of things. I assume this is what the .anim files for each character handles?

    I don't know which route is best to go. It is fine if the skills are from either character, though I prefer Nia's, the important part is the graphics.
    Help? :)
    • Retrospective

      Retrospective Space Spelunker

      You can always simply just edit the image files and swap the sprite sheet . The only problem is that the character would remain Morten Lannis (name , character sheet etc.).
      • Seminus

        Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

        Hey @Ithiloneth
        About your rambling: In the main game all the assets are beeing compressed into one big sheet of png. (The same will happen to the mod assets too if you run the game) The reason for this is performance. So the Wiki explains how you have to set up your work folder and not how it looks after the game compressed the files.
        We made that on purpose because it is not obvious when looking at the main game as the structure is different then what you need in you mod folder.

        Take the sample mod zips and "The Street" as references.

        So the Gina character art is not saved as individual files in the game. I will uploaded all the raw files for the Characters here:

        But if you want to change the game so Gina is the Character you can do it differently: Take a look at the sample mod "The Street" here:
        And direct download here:

        In this little mod I changed the main character to Wallace. Take a look at the json files in the "lists" folder, especially the progress and the levelpoint json. There you can define who is who without copy and past the whole assets over and rename files. :)

        I hope this helps a bit. If not let me know and I will look into it on Monday when I'm back in the office.
        • Ithiloneth

          Ithiloneth Intergalactic Tourist

          @Retrospective ty, but as I did not have the source files for Gina Nia I could not do so :( Luckily Seminus supplied those below :)

          @Seminus, thanks a lot for the help. If what you describe is true then I am something of a fool ;) I did download "The Street" to see if I could find some hints in that mod but I never actually ran the game with the mod installed. I'll try the method with the lists.

          Edit: Still not working! Posting crash report @ end of post.

          So my game is still crashing. I can't seem to figure out why :( I replaced all the instances of mortenLannis in the progressPacks.json and removed my old changes from the pixel and animation folders. Only other changes left is are an edited mortenLannis:
          "gender": "Female" :kawaii:
          "unitTypeName": "ginaNia"
          "actionPoints" : 3 :coffee:
          "attacksPerTurn" : 3 :viking:
          "healthPoints" : 10 <3 (for some reason this value seems to double in game?)
          "aimingPoints" : 10 :heylisten:
          "agilityPoints" : 10 :ninja:
          "backpack": {
          "class": "Backpack",
          "capacity": 30, o_O
          "items": []

          I run no other mods with this but I'd like to run the extra difficulty mod, making my leader be a strong unit while leaving the others a bit weaker. At the moment the stats are a bit overwhelming but I set it as such to be able to speed runt he level each time I tweak the mod so I can see if I can de-brief.

          Next up is trying to run the game without actually changing mortenLannis to be ginaNia, might work? Nope, will try to disable all mods and run it...

          So that worked, I think the problem is that mortenLannis is *moved* when the briefing starts. I'll try to run it again but with morten(asNia) standing where the animation puts him. Just please tell me that the animation is the same each time xD

          Standing in the right spot did not work. Going to look over "The Street" again and see if I can't find anything in there.

          OS: Windows 7 x86, version 6.1
          number of processors: 8
          system property hash: 0xc62e1f2b

          at com.robotality.halfway.gamestate.states.human.MissionBriefingState.gatherAllCharacters(
          at com.robotality.halfway.gamestate.states.human.MissionBriefingState.enter(
          at com.robotality.halfway.gamestate.GameStateManager.changeState(
          at com.robotality.halfway.gamestate.GameStateManager.update(
          at com.robotality.halfway.screen.GameScreen.update(
          at com.robotality.halfway.Halfway.render(
          at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(
          at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$

          Display Modes:
          loaded from config: 1920x1080x32 (60 hz)
          desktop resolution: 1920x1080x32 (60 hz)
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          • Seminus

            Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

            hmm strange. Halfway is rathee picky and loves to crash if something goes wrong.
            As far as I can say it is missing a character when the mission briefing starts. (you do not use an old save you had before the mod? If not I would have to take a look at your mod to see what you missed)
            If you want you can send me the mod zipped over at hello at robotality dot com and I will take a look tomorrow.

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