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Notice Looking for help reproducing Multiplayer via Steam framerate issue

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Healthire, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Michael Wilmes

    Michael Wilmes Space Hobo

    Out of curiosity, when will the patch be released to the release branch?
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  2. Wolfmind

    Wolfmind Space Hobo

    Hi all,

    First - want to thank the Devs for pro-actively looking into this and identifying the issue. I experienced this with friends just a couple of days ago.
    Playing with 3 players, I was the only one who was lagging. It caused a few deaths, much to my chagrin :(

    Secondly - I just wanted to be clear - by disabling the "Multiplayer via Steam" option, you can still play multiplayer - correct? Do you just have specify the direct IP address of the server?


  3. Wolfmind

    Wolfmind Space Hobo

    Just to give an update, I think the issue with me was the steam voice chat, not Starbound itself.

    I tried with my friend, we turned off Steam chat, switched back to "Multiplayer via Steam" and used a different program to converse.

    Seemed to work fine without any issues.

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