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    (And here's a free 4th "for" :DD)

    Hayo everyone,
    I have a few ideas for new machines using Platonymous's Custom Farming.
    However, despite being skilled enough with the "coding" part, I'm kinda below the average low level of zero when it comes to creating sprites, even simple ones :down:.
    So, I'm looking for any kind soul to help me with this part :avalihug:.

    Here's my few ideas, and big sorry if anyone already did or planned to do them :V.

    The first one is based on the Dye Bundle, and is simply a Dye Vat, allowing creation of various Dyes to sell or use for further crafts.
    I've already found a set of free various assets including vials for the final product (the dyes), but I need the main machine. I thought about something like Terraria's Dye Vat, but not that because I can't steal borrow that :iswydt:.

    The second one follows the first one, and makes dyed clothes (from dye and clothes, in case you did not guess :DD). I guess the final product asset can be made just by recoloring the base Cloth asset, but I need the main machine in this one too.

    The third one, which follows the second one which follows the first one, would be like a machine creating clothing from the aforementioned dyed clothes. I have nothing here for now, so I'm looking both for the main apparatus and the final product (maybe like the icon of a folded tee-shirt).

    (To give a bit of explication here, I like in these kind of games ithe idea of having a main product which is manufactured several times, gaining value everytime, which is something I have already experimented through modding Tropico 5)

    The second idea (smaller this one) is a machine based on the Field Research Bundle, which output "Research Documentation" when inputted things from the bundle or "worthless" items (such as already-given artifacts) to give them a bit of value.
    The main "machine" would be like a research station, looking a bit like a compact version of Demetrius's lab.

    The third idea, which has already been brought several time is a distilling-apparatus allowing for alcohol production (like Vodka from Potatoes, Sake from Rice, Absinthe from herbs, etc...).
    Maybe this one can have two "levels", one which look like a homemade alcohol kit allowing for production one bottle at a time, and a second level, bigger, looking like a small industrial distillation apparatus, allowing for a more "mass" production (5 bottle each time, taking more time and more space).
    Most of the products assets can be found through the web, just need to ask if their creators are OK with me/us using their assets.
    Like the other one, I need the main machine assets.

    Here's the few firsts idea, feel free to comment on them, or to send someone to kill me in my sleep because they are soooo bad :nope:.
    (Got a few other ones, which are still in pre-pre-pre-[...]-pre-alpha stage, so I didn't put them here)
    Thanks again to anyone who wants to help me :DD.

    (Sorry for any grammatical errors, I did my best o/)
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