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WIP Looking for feedback on the appearance of this moth race

Discussion in 'Races' started by Skyligh, Jun 24, 2017.


How is the appearance of this race?

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  1. Skyligh

    Skyligh Phantasmal Quasar

    I've been working on a race based on saturniid moths for a while now. I've wanted to release this soon, but I feel like if I uploaded it as is then I would miss some sort of glaring flaw. I am looking for constructive criticism. Even just answering the poll will help a lot!

    Here's a normal character:


    They usually get wings that are worn as a back item, like here:


    Moths don't blink, so their eyes are completely static. Instead, their eyes are drawn on with various facial masks like Avian beaks and Apex beards.
    upload_2017-6-23_22-59-30.png McharBeard.PNG

    Some of the masks change the eye shape, some change the eye color, and some add things like a beard or proboscis.

    Here's some more characters:

    Fcharlun.PNG Fchar.PNG mcharre.PNG

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