Looking for a online friend/partner.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Deaken》19, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Hello. You may call me Dean. I am a person who is sporting almost every single day. I am a football player who also likes to play on my Nintendo Switch many times in my free moments. Don't worry, I have enough free time. But I am just looking for a good partner to be online friends with. Because I am always busy i have no time to find for partners. When I get back from training I am always to exhausted to do other stuff. I am many times playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. But sometimes I have enough fighting and then i want to play a more relaxed game like Stardew Valley. I haven't played the game for a while like 3 months or something. It was really nice to hear that you finally can play the game online. So I want to give time to it. (Don't worry I haven't forget anything about how to play.) So I am still looking for someone to have a second live with. Yes I could be a serious player If you ask me. Just a nice partner for a second live. I prefer to have 1 in the beginning. Maybe later I would like to play with more. Sorry but I prefer not to accept to much older people then my age. Around my age I am looking for.
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      hey bro, i also have a switch and im getting people together that want to play games on my discord channel. i literally JUST started it but your welcome to join and try to get games going, since switch doesnt yet have a message system on it. anyways heres the link

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