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Server Discussion Looking For A Good Server

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Jaxine, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Alright, I poped into a few servers here and there, looked over some of their sites... I can't find one that suits me really. Anyone on here know of a good one?

    I'd prefer to text chat, but I can probly get a mic soon. One server didn't even have mobs, it was boring. I need something where I'd be able to casually RP and adventure with some people. I'd like to live out my dream of being a homicidally insane arms dealer with a fowl mouth and a bounty on their head. I also have a nice side...

    I don't really need PvP. If it was on the server, I'd just want to have fun with it, not take it seriously. None of that timed-turns, dice-rolling crap. Just don't be an OOC asshole about it and it's good.

    Also my character is a Saiyan, like in Dragon Ball Z. No mods, just technically a human with a tail, I just can't join a server that's going to freak out over that for whatever reason. I'd still be on par with everyone else IC. I'm not Goku, I'm not looking to "powergame" or whatever, I just wana have some fun.
  2. Jaxine

    Jaxine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Nobody? Really?
  3. Martinvl

    Martinvl Space Hobo

    I would love to join you, But I would have to figure out how to run a server first. You still interested?
  4. mineghost23

    mineghost23 Master Chief

    Have you tried Orion's edge? It's a good server that is active. As of the moment, we are trying to get more players on to play as to allow for more events and adventure. Give it a look sometime.
    Website: https://www.orionsedge.com/index.php

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