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Looking 4 farmers

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by ElCHINOGAMEPLAYS, Nov 4, 2018.


Anyone wana do a coop famr?

  1. Yes

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    Anyone wana make a coop game in Stardew Valley
    if u wana my Steam Name is the same as the one i hv here my profile pic is a wolf
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    • Mom2Gamer

      Mom2Gamer Astral Cartographer

      I added you as a friend on Steam, message me if you want to play multiplayer together. =)
      I LOVE Stardew Valley, I really enjoy playing multiplayer, I have Discord and I play almost daily. <3
      • Dizas

        Dizas Master Chief

        I'm noob in the Stardew Valley, but I'd love to play multiplayer, I'm from Brazil.
        My Steam ID is: dizasssssss, if you are still looking for someone to play.
        "https://steamcommunity.com/id/dizasssssss" To facilitate.

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