RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (w/More Crops Mod) [@v1.6.5]

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    RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    Both of these issues should be fixed now.
    I will release it this Sunday.
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    • mrStorrs

      mrStorrs Tentacle Wrangler


      Hey, I like the idea of your soda's increasing in price and thought I would offer a suggestion. I think it would be nice if most or all Artisan goods offered a similar trait. Or even just lower DR% rates, or none at all. I think i would be a nice addition because it would increase the desirability of taking the extra time to make things like wine, cheese etc. It also make sense with the whole game dynamic since artisan goods in real life are usually always in high demand since supply can never keep up.

      Plus it would help make it so your super cool new sodas weren't the odd item out :D

      Just an idea. I love your mod. SO, whatever you choose is fine with me !
      • RTGOAT

        RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Other artisan goods are product of crops which should function mechanically, the same.

        Sodas are a product of trees which require time and money investment.
        They also produce 28 fruit per year which is why this reverse DR mechanic provides incentive to invest in multiple trees of the same kind.
        That or, hold product until enough is saved to reach those DR thresholds.

        Appreciate the insight, hope this provides a solid counter argument.
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        • RTGOAT

          RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Longevity v1.6.5h:

          Just a quick Sunday hotfix for the two issues reported earlier this week.
          • Soda inventory updates should no longer cause errors with boots, tools, etc...
          • Longevity should no longer attempt to run DNPCD test code (missing file "data.txt" error)...

          I've got a busy work week this week and next; I will be around on the weekends for more hotfixing if needed.
          Timeline for future development is a little fuzzy at the moment.
          I will update you guys on progress later this month.
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          • Xuomi

            Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

            Thank you for the updates and the work you do on this mod @RTGOAT!

            Hopefully work goes smoothly for you. I'll be sure to report anymore issues that arise. :)
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            • kat1004

              kat1004 Void-Bound Voyager

              Out of curiosity, is there any chance you'd be willing to add a version with EMCM instead of MCM? I love Longevity, but I miss my Iridium trees.
              • RTGOAT

                RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                I'm looking to release a video to explain my developmental insight to answer these questions more formally.
                However, since I havn't done that....

                Longevity seeks to create realism and balance, while not all aspects are always in favor of realism, the goal is still to focus heavy on balance.
                I plan to bring back the meat crops, but I'm thinking of a mechanic, like sodas, to make them unique and not just linear additions.

                As for ore crops/trees, I don't much like the idea of allowing the player to avoid the mines and mechanics required to obtain those materials.

                If I had more time, and was more flexible with these requests, I may be willing, but as of now, MCM will remain MCM.
                Thanks for the feedback!
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                • Aveloren

                  Aveloren Starship Captain

                  Can't wait for that meat! :party:
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                  • TheLoreSeeker

                    TheLoreSeeker Industrial Terraformer

                    So I've been thrilled with these new crops.

                    I love the idea of growing Sugar cane and Rice Paddies.

                    But I noticed that the harvested rice isn't the same as the store bought rice used for recipes.

                    Was this intentional? Is it possible to use this rice for cooking?
                    • RTGOAT

                      RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                      You are correct, the rice you grow is not the same as store bought recipes.

                      I didn't intend anything as I've just implemented MCM into Longevity.
                      We'll look to possibly change that up in the future.
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                      • Torrence

                        Torrence Space Hobo

                        I just saw this post of yours in the other thread. Then came to take a look here.
                        You've had MCM included for months now without any kind of credit to the original authors, or linkback to the original mod thread?!
                        No mention that it's not the official version, just passing it off as if it's yours.
                        That's not 'annexed'; that's outright stealing.

                        It's pretty sad everyone here is so nonchalant about using mods from someone who's fine with stealing mods to fluff up their own.
                        • RTGOAT

                          RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                          I would love to respond with explanation to clear things up for you, however, this is your first post and quite a bold accusation.

                          I'm under the assumption that you are missing quite a bit of information,
                          so if you, or anyone else, sees this as a problem, stop by the discord and we can talk personally to sort any issue out.
                          • KKarlsoNN

                            KKarlsoNN Tentacle Wrangler

                            Torrence, your a fool!

                            Also, i think MCM should stay the way it is, without the more fantasy type crops. My opinion.
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                            • Aveloren

                              Aveloren Starship Captain

                              What... what falsehoods are you speaking? Bacon trees are absolutely realistic. It is called Canadian bacon.
                              • KKarlsoNN

                                KKarlsoNN Tentacle Wrangler

                                Aveloren - I "live" in Canada and I've never seen these bacon trees you speak of.

                                So... there is a space 2 up from the mailbox beside the house that will not allow me to place a chest or a furnace (all I've tried). It will however, take a wood path (all I've tried). Is it because of the mail received popup or something?

                                To allow a chest: can it be modded, can i use a save editor or can i mess around in one of the files with notepad? The 4 spaces above the mailbox are my ideal spots for chests and I'am obsessing over not being able to use that spot, to the point of not wanting to play anymore. I have control issues. Dose this bother anyone else besides me?

                                I've googled it, and astonishingly not found a shred of info on the matter (WTF). Looking at other peoples layouts they don't place anything near it, or they skip that spot and put things beside it, so its not just me who is unable to place things there. Maybe I should take it up on the official game forum?
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                                • RTGOAT

                                  RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                • MizuJakkaru

                                  MizuJakkaru Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  For what it's worth, ^^ I personally don't mind that people use my sprites, as long as they're not claimed as their own work. I like playing with a lot of crops and lack the ability to add them myself to the game. So the more mod makers who have the ability to add them to their mods, the more fun everyone (including myself) can have with the various methods and takes on adding modded crops to the game.

                                  I think links should be added, but I don't think anyone did anything with the intent of stealing a mod, especially since the name for MCM was preserved for this mod as a clear indicator to the original mod. I don't think anything was nonchalant. I think MCM was fairly popular and is one of the few mods that added a plethora of crops and various other mod authors attempted to keep it alive when Killerbotto went absent. RTGOAT is in the process of updating credits and I don't feel anything was done with malicious intent, lack of prior credits up to this point aside. Also, I believe Longevity doesn't use the code from that mod, only my sprite work.

                                  S'pose this ended up longer winded than I'd like, but I don't mind that people used my sprites in my absence I guess is what I'm saying. RTGOAT never claimed them as their own, labeled them as from MCM (where I was credited), and intends to credit MCM fully as far as I know in the future. My sprites were made for this community, because I enjoy this game and because I want to live in a small pile of sprited fruits and vegetables. :B Thus, Longevity has permission to use my sprites, as does MCM, and anyone who's kind enough to ask.
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                                  • Seismothesaurus

                                    Seismothesaurus Sandwich Man

                                    I agree, I think it was just an accidental oversight not including a credit link on your sprites and will be fixed soon. I believe this to be the case because @RTGOAT has been sure to credit me as well as other portrait modders who have recently worked on content for Longevity. In fact we had a very thorough scraping together of credits for the latest DNPCC additions before the last update, but people may not realize what goes on because we do it behind the scenes. :)

                                    The credits are only in this thread so far, but I think that they'll be added to Nexus soon and there's even a placeholder for them in the in-game Longevity menu.
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                                    • azurejpg

                                      azurejpg Intergalactic Tourist

                                      I'm using SMAPI 1.15 and I just installed the Longevity v1.5 mod. The MCM part is working good, but the DNPCC doesn't show up anywhere in my game for some reason that I can't really figure out.
                                      • RTGOAT

                                        RTGOAT Scruffy Nerf-Herder


                                        I'll take a look for you and see what the issue may be.

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