RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (DNPCD_BETA) [@v1.6.9]

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    1.) Does this mod work with Artisan Valley and its custom crops etc?
    2.) Also, the new Longevity crops don't show up in the store. It shows pumpkins being sold in spring when I start a new game. I tried planting rice seeds from CJB cheats, but it shows aloe plants.
    3.) The smapi log showed errors with Stardew Valley Expanded. I deleted the SVE to test it and started a new game but crops don't show and still show wrong crops in wrong season.

    Update: I removed Longevity, verified the integrity of the game files and started a new game, but I'm still getting summer seeds in spring. I didn't have this problem before longevity. Not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions?
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