RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (DNPCD_BETA) [@v1.6.8]

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  2. DungeonRyu

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    Good day!
    I made Haley Winter Indoors sprite, you can potentially use it, since it's just an original sprite combined with Haley winter Outdoors one.

    I also have a question, if I want to hook additional sprites and portraits to a character what should I do? Is it possible to do that without digging into/compiling the source files?

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    • Alvadea

      Alvadea Zero Gravity Genie

      Thanks for your effort. :) But to be honest, I'm not even sure if we stay so much longer with this as a winter outfit. It seems to be not really warm enough and since we also added fixes to our work (like changing weird looking proportions, wrong colours compared to the portraits and so on) and Haley got quiet a lot of them, this don't uses the right base sprite anymore. It would mean extra work to make this outfit fit again. This is why my own thoughts are to take this one as a WinterStar Outfit or something as soon as she gets some other clothes for winter. We'll see. ^^

      About your question - if you want to have other sprites and portraits in your game, of course you have to overwrite our files in the DNPCC folder. Or (as long as we don't have portraits for every time of the year for every character) create your own xnbs with the same name-structure, if there is no work for this char in the folder.
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      • fatalbe4uty

        fatalbe4uty Yeah, You!

        This looks really neat and I’d love to try it. I’m not home right now. But does the character outfit changes work if I’ve already modded their appearance?
        Also does the longevity mod work with jsons more crops/recipes mod? Thanks!
        • fatalbe4uty

          fatalbe4uty Yeah, You!

          Longevity was going great. Then Fall started and I tried replanting crops. I could plant anything and then the game crashed? Any idea?
          • RTGOAT

            RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


            Any other mods? Even with misinstallation, that shouldn't be anything related to Longevity.
            • KittehKatBar

              KittehKatBar Void-Bound Voyager

              So I currently use MCM converted to Json Assets, however this includes Mizu's Custom Recipe Sprites. Does Longevity include the food recipes as well? If not, is there a way they could be added? I liked having new recipes for the new crops and fruit.
              • RTGOAT

                RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                Something I will be doing for the future.
                (Balance/content update will likely follow after this upcoming update)
                • DungeonRyu

                  DungeonRyu Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Well, these are the indoors clothes, so I think it's okay. I mean indoor clothes do not have to be furcoats and parkas. Sweater and warm skirt looks neat. I know SV is near the ocean, but I doubt the temperature there is below -10 -15 C. :)
                  • Truthkeeper

                    Truthkeeper Void-Bound Voyager

                    A bit of an oddity: purple sweet potato juice (which sounds absolutely horrifying now that I think about it), has a sale value of only 1g. Purple sweet potato pickles don't seem to have this issue.
                    • Alvadea

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                      That's true. But since this Haley portrait was made by an external artist (not a part of the DNPCC team), who only allowed us to use their work, we can't delete the outdoor part (with hat) and use your indoor part furthermore. (To be honest I don't even know, if we have permission to make changes to this particular portrait.)
                      • K33p Sm1l1ng

                        K33p Sm1l1ng Void-Bound Voyager

                        There was no text file for instructions?! ....
                        • RTGOAT

                          RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                          @K33p Sm1l1ng

                          The insturction is in the name of the file.
                          Not instructions, just a single pointer :)

                          Join the discord if you need further help.
                          • Lodrelhai

                            Lodrelhai Orbital Explorer

                            I love the mod, except I can't seem to get sodas made. Just to make sure it wasn't a mod conflict I removed all other mods except the one that comes with SMAPI, recopied all the files to their respective places per the instructions in the OP, changed the config to "Price_Balance": false and "DNPCD_BETA": true, then started a new game. Just got my first tree fruit products out of the keg - cherry and apricot wines. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

                            Also having an error come up in SMAPI every time I leave a festival - the same block repeated a couple dozen times or more:

                            [SMAPI] A mod failed handling the GameEvents.UpdateTick event:
                            System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                            at Longevity.ContentCondition.Run_SpecificDialogue_Festival()
                            at Longevity.Main.RunSpecificDialogueFestival()
                            at Longevity.Main.UpdateTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
                            at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.InternalExtensions.SafelyRaisePlainEvent(IMonitor monitor, String name, IEnumerable`1 handlers, Object sender, EventArgs args) in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\InternalExtensions.cs:line 40​

                            This one doesn't worry me too much, since it doesn't seem to affect the game, and I'm guessing it has something to do with the DNPCD, which of course is in beta. But as I'm coming for help anyway, figured I should mention it just in case.

                            Thanks for any help you can give!
                            • RTGOAT

                              RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                              I'm believe pricebalance has to be turned on for sodas.
                              This is because pricebalance includes all the systems necessary for sodas to exist.

                              The error is something to be ironed out as DNPCD is fairly unstable right now.
                              • Lodrelhai

                                Lodrelhai Orbital Explorer

                                Oooo, knew I had to have something mixed up. Shall turn price balancing on then. Thank you!
                                • squigglyruth

                                  squigglyruth Space Spelunker

                                  Does this mod break strawberries somehow? I planted 100 strawberry seeds in Y1 on the day of the egg festival (Sat 13th). This normally provides two strawberry crops, with the first on Sunday 21st, but I am yet to have a full strawberry crop as of Wed 24th. I have watered them every day, but they just aren't making fruit. A small section of strawberries was blessed by the fairy before the main crop was due to fruit, and that small section is functioning normally, but I have no return from the majority of my crop...
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                                  • RTGOAT

                                    RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                                    It shouldn't, could be conflict with other mods?
                                    • Dinru

                                      Dinru Orbital Explorer

                                      First of all, I'm very much loving the economic side of this mod. It's really making the game a lot more challenging, so thank you for that! And I really love all the new crops!

                                      That being said, I'm having an issue with the dynamic NPC clothing. Nobody's clothes/portraits seem to be changing. The config file has it turned on, and I've got copies of the DNPCC folder in both the Longevity mod folder and the Content folder. I did miss the instructions with data.txt, could that be part of it? (Note that I am NOT using DNPCD_Beta). Any help with this issue would be very much appreciated! EDIT: I was able to solve this problem! For anyone else having issues, make sure the mod folder is named "Longevity", with nothing else. By default, NexusMods adds other stuff to the file folder name, which will prevent the mod from being able to find the DNPCC content.

                                      Also, I had problems with my strawberries similar to @squigglyruth; they wound up growing later in the season than I had expected, so I only got one harvest out of them rather than two. I don't think any of my other mods touch the crop or price information, either. UI Info Suite did seem to report the correct growing times for them, at least.
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                                      • sunlite

                                        sunlite Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        Having the same issue here. Monday but the crop should have been ready sunday :/

                                        EDIT: Well, it's the 23rd and they're ready for harvest now. Maybe I planted them later than I thought.

                                        Also, I have a recommendation: for cookies and chocolate cake, could you change the recipes to include cocoa beans? Currently you can cook these with just egg, flour, and sugar, but I think it would add use to the cocoa beans and make the recipes more accurate. I already did this in my game, but since the cookie and chocolate cake recipes are the exact same, I added 2 cocoa beans to the recipe for chocolate cake and 1 for cookies.
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