RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (DNPCD_BETA) [@v1.6.8]

Discussion in 'Mods' started by RTGOAT, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. craziej2k

    craziej2k Void-Bound Voyager

    Ah, that could be the problem.
    I'll update from Longevity-649-1-6-5h to Longevity-649-1-6-7
    and see if the problem persists
    • Arar2

      Arar2 Space Spelunker

      OK, first of all, I love this mod and what it is trying to do, but in previous versions I don't remember Diminishing returns being this harsh. I recently installed 1.6.7 and was previously using 1.5 for quite a while, Diminishing returns always made it more profitable to diversify a crop but if I felt like planting only one thing it still seemed to make a profit, especially early on when I had only a few sprinklers. I started a new game to go with the new Longevity update and I am losing my shirt to DR. even with only a single scarecrow and 2-3 different crops, my first harvest will drop me to around %60 sale price of the seeds or lower. For example, my first fall crop was 140 Bok Choy which I purchased at roughly 70 gold per seed and after the first sale, DR was up to 32 (final price of 49), selling the second crop would have lost me 20+ gold per plant. DR is a great, subtle nerf to repeat crops but, because they can easily be produced with a seed maker, the profits eventually add up, long term plants like sweet gem berries work pretty well too, but the short growth time, non-repeatable crops are terrible.

      I would not really mind making 0 profit on a crop as long as I at least got my money back, but I feel that going into the negatives should not happen until I have sold many hundreds of a crop. It makes most of my farm useless, empty space until I can get enough money for fruit trees if I cannot make a profit on anything over 60 ish plants per 2 weeks. So, the final question I have, is, is there a way to tone it down a bit in the config files or is this a bug? Again, selling 100 plants should not lose me money on the seeds I bought, 1000, maybe, but not 100.
      • RTGOAT

        RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


        DR and other price balancing hasn't been touched in several updates.
        With the addition of MCM crops, I wanted to make sure that diversity was important and that there were enough crops to diversify with.

        I understand your feedback, and I agree that DR is not a perfect system; especially for some crops.
        The DR algorithm may be changed in the future to help accommodate this issue.
        • craziej2k

          craziej2k Void-Bound Voyager

          Ok, the error in SMAPI has gone (thanks) but there are a few other problems that have appeared, the new trees added wont plant and neither will the sunflower seeds (all other seeds seem to work so far) and a mod I was using has stopped working - build endurance ( I'll play for a bit and see if i can find anything about it in SMAPI
          • tinkerbelljln

            tinkerbelljln Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I don't know about anything else, but I had a similar problem with the trees, try hoeing the dirt as if it was a normal seed, that fixed that part for me.
            • RTGOAT

              RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

              To plant new saplings, the land must be tilled.
              I don't see a fix for this anytime soon based on how the game works with the original saplings.
              • Arar2

                Arar2 Space Spelunker

                I certainly see where you are coming from on that one, Personally I have never liked the MCM part and turn it off (thanks for that BTW), really, the problem is that each crop needs its own DR multiplier, much like real life, but that is a ton of work i would imagine. For now I am looking forward to DNPCC and DNPCD far more than I would like an overhaul of DR, I do also appreciate that DR is at leas ton the radar though, for now, the seed maker eventually smooths it all out and is a pretty good work around for DR, even if you don't sell seeds which do not receive DR.
                • VenomSnake

                  VenomSnake Poptop Tamer

                  If this mod adds a expansion for the list of croops that you already get, that will complete the satisfaction of get every croop for complete the list......
                  • Neppi

                    Neppi Void-Bound Voyager

                    Just wanted to say that I love the new dialogues with Abigail. She feels so much more like a rounded character than before. Keep up that fantastic work! Reallylooking forward to her new marriage dialogue!
                    • jackson66

                      jackson66 Space Hobo

                      What config is needed for start season to be Summer?
                      • RTGOAT

                        RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                        The debug settings are for specific testing purposes.
                        I wouldn't use them on your main saved games as it will have unknown side effects.


                        It has been such a fun process as well!
                        Cant wait to see this system at its fullest :)
                        • Anorak1987

                          Anorak1987 Space Hobo



                          I really like your mod but there is one problem, when I started it I used another account to test it now I can't plant ANYTHING on my main account, please tell you have a solution
                          • RTGOAT

                            RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                            Try playing without Longevity to see if Longevity is for sure the issue.
                            By another account, do you mean a different save or a different installation?
                            • M0nkey91101

                              M0nkey91101 Master Chief

                              Hi, great mod but I still get the frozen npc animation, I have the latest version and SMAPI installed so could it be perhaps because I didn't follow step 2?
                              (2) - Use content in 'MCM' folder to overwrite your game's vanilla content
                              • RTGOAT

                                RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                                Are you up to date with the newest version of Longevity?
                                This is issue was fixed. Attempt to reinstall if necessary.
                                • M0nkey91101

                                  M0nkey91101 Master Chief

                                  Yup, it's the newest version of longevity, even tried reinstalling it. I think the npc frozen animation only occurs to spouses and robin in the farm map, the npc animations work fine in the other parts of the map
                                  • RTGOAT

                                    RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal

                                  • BarbarianRas

                                    BarbarianRas 2.7182818284590...

                                    So, something odd. When I go to my chest to check on how much truffle oil I got/how much it's worth and then take it out, the price drops by alot, like half. When I put it back that price sticks, as well as when I ship it. I'm not sure if this is recent or not, I just noticed it
                                    • RTGOAT

                                      RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                                      Chests only update overnight and only some price changers will apply to chest items.
                                      Inventory updates with every change and apply all price changing systems.
                                      • Raider480

                                        Raider480 Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Is there any way to get more granular control over taxation? Specifically, I'd like to be able to enable and disable sprinklers' water tax, to account for rainy days when they do nothing. All I can find though is toggling the feature on/off completely via the config.json file.

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