RELEASED Longevity v1.5->v1.6 (DNPCD_BETA) [@v1.6.7]

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    Longevity v1.5:

    Longevity v1.5 is now live and ready to go!

    Since my time to test is limited,
    I will be close and available this week to quickly respond to any questions/issues.

    • More Crops Mod!
      • MCM crops have been balanced and will be influenced by Longevity's pricing system.
      • Pierre will sell all MCM seeds when they are in season.
      • All saplings will always be available at Pierre's.
      • MCM can be turned off in configuration.
      • Any mods that edit Pierre's stock will be incompatible.
      • .XNB mods that use any of the following files will be incompatible:
        • Content/Data/Crops.xnb
        • Content/Data/fruitTrees.xnb
        • Content/Data/NPCGiftTastes.xnb
        • Content/Data/objectinformation.xnb
        • Content/Maps/springobjects.xnb
        • Content/TileSheets/crops.xnb
    • Tree saplings have been balanced to fit future upcoming changes.
    • Other small improvements and optimizations.
    *I had planned to include an informational readme with this release, however,
    I wanted to wait for v1.6 which will introduce a menu system for Longevity.

    Dynamic NPC Clothing (DNPCC):
    • There is no added DNPCC content for v1.5.
    • If you would like to create artwork for a future Longevity release, contact me.
    • Also, contact me if you come across existing artwork that would fit well with DNPCC.
      • I'll do my best to receive permissions to use it for a future release in DNPCC.

    Dynamic NPC Dialogue (DNPCD):
    • DNPCD will be released in v1.7.
    • If you would like to create dialogue or have ideas for triggers, contact me.
    • DNPCD will be more than just additional Dialogue.

    Release Timeline:

    I expect to have v1.6 finished about two weeks after v1.5. (Sunday, March 26th)
    I expect to have v1.7 finished about two-three weeks after v1.6. (Sunday, April 16th)
    I would like to have v2.0, finished by early May.

    *Stardew Valley v1.2 will likely cause some issues/delays depending on how broken Longevity becomes.

    1. Place 'Longevity' folder into your SMAPI 'Mods' folder.
    2. Place 'DNPCC' folder into your game's content folder.
    3. Use content in 'MCM' folder to overwrite your game's vanilla content
    4. Use the provided configuration file to enable/disable Longevity's features.

    Download: Longevity v1.5
    Previous Version Threads: Longevity v1.0->v1.2 | Longevity v1.3->v1.4

    Feel free to PM me your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.
    Thank you!
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      Thanks for the mod
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      • RTGOAT

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        Longevity v1.5.1:
        • Coffee beans should now plant and use their appropriate sprite.
        • All weeds should now use their appropriate sprite.
        • Void mayonnaise should now be working.
        *Any existing objects (items) in your game affected by these issues should be updated to function as normal.

        Let me know if there are any other issues with items. (Many content file edits, many opportunities to make mistakes)
        I will be faster to patch those.
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          Longevity v1.5.2:
          • Pierre should now sell level 1 fertilizers during year 1, and then level 1 and 2 fertilizers after year 1.

          *If you're using Longevity on an existing game:

          • Existing coffee crops will use carrot sprites until they die or are replanted.
          • Existing "Void Mayonnaise" should update properly to function as normal.
            • If you have persisting issues with "Void Mayonnaise" it could be a corrupt object that is avoiding update detection.
            • Newly created "Void Mayonnaise" should function as normal.
          *If you're starting a new game with Longevity:
          • Everything should work as normal or intended.
          • Highly recommended if this is your first time with Longevity.

          *Remember to update your content files:
          Always replace your DNPCC and MCM content with ALL new patch content;
          even if there are no formal changes to content files.
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          • RTGOAT

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            Longevity v1.5.3:
            • Disabling MCM should no longer cause Pierre's shop to be empty.
            • Disabling price balance should reflect vanilla prices at Pierre's shop.
            • Other small bug fixes and optimizations.

            New DNPCC Content (Big thanks to @IronZelly):
            • Winter outfit for Sebastian (w/indoor and outdoor)
            • Winter outfit for Penny

            *Remember to update your content files:
            Always replace your DNPCC and MCM content with ALL new patch content;
            even if there are no formal changes to content files.
            • RTGOAT

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              Longevity v1.5.4:
              • Taxes should now work consistently.
              • Taxes will now trigger when leaving the farmhouse for the first time instead of during the overnight menus.
                • Summary will still be on the 15th, and expenses will still be on the 1st.
                • Be careful not to preemptively close the tax report; any mouse click when the menu is up will close the menu.

              *Remember to update your content files:

              Always replace your DNPCC and MCM content with ALL new patch content;
              even if there are no formal changes to content files.
              • RTGOAT

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                Longevity v1.5.5:

                When changing the way taxes are triggered,
                I forgot to apply a condition that solved an old bug causing taxes to trigger on the first day of a new game.

                I quickly found this in my new play-through just now.
                This issue should now be fixed, sorry for any inconvenience...

                *Also, I wanted to invite any artists to work on sprites for new crops.

                If you're interested in helping to expand MCM, contact me through the forum or on discord.
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                  Longevity v1.5.6:
                  • Fixed an issue that would result in null reference errors when shopping with a non-NPC vendor.

                  Beta Testing:

                  These last few patches were released to resolve small and simple bug issues; normally these things would be addressed during testing,
                  but I am limited on time and cannot test as thoroughly as I could previously.
                  Because of this, I would like to invite anyone interested to beta test future Longevity releases.

                  As a beta tester, you would have a direct connection to help influence the improvement and the direction of Longevity.
                  If you're interested, contact me for more information...

                  *Thank you for your bug reports and patience!
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                    Longevity v1.5.7:
                    • Fixed an issue with some MCM crops that had a hidden space in their item's names throwing off their pricing.
                    • Fixed tax calculations to properly show debt penalty and player money when in debt.
                    • Fixed an issue where taxes would trigger twice if an overnight event occurred on tax day.
                    • Fixed an issue where NPCs would get stuck in a single frame of their animation.
                    • Fixed a major issue with updating the price of artisan goods.

                    *Note 1: Because of time sensitivity with patches, I nor beta testers are able to thoroughly test these bug fixes.
                    Please let me know if any of these bugs listed above persist after patching, and also if any new bugs arise.
                    *Note 2: Please remember to update your content files; the MCM item naming issue requires the newly released edits to function as intended.

                    Sorry for the delay on this patch. I spent quite a bit of time going through and cleaning/preparing code for v1.6.

                    While doing this, I found some deeper issues resulting in a few of the bug fixes in this patch.

                    I appreciate the patience, and please also understand that this is quite a large project and only growing in complexity.
                    Hopefully with upcoming beta testers, I can release more polished versions in the future.

                    DNPCC Content (v1.5.8):
                    Allow @IronZelly to compensate for any Inconveniences:

                    While intended for this patch, I had more work that I decided to split into two patches (1.5.7 & 1.5.8).
                    Because of this, I delayed the release of some awesome content by, yours truly, IronZelly!

                    Here is a teaser of some DNPCC content to come for v1.5.8...




                    Total Leah Sprite/Portrait Combinations: 16
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                      Longevity v1.6:

                      Longevity v1.6 is an early release/form of what it was fully intended to be.
                      I want to make sure and note that the introduced menu is still a work in process.

                      Below, I'll explain what to expect from this release and an updated timeline of Longevity's future versions.

                      Information Menu:
                      • Trigger: The menu can be accessed through the hotkey "Tab".
                        • In v1.6.1 I will add a config option to set this hotkey to your desire.
                        • In a later patch I would like to add a clickable button that sticks on the game's main HUD.
                      • Content: There are currently 11 pages that serve to present information.
                        • Page 1 is currently inactive, but it will show information related to the mod in v1.6.1.
                        • Page 2 is currently inactive, but it will show information related to taxes in v1.6.1.
                        • Pages 3-11 display item pricing information on most items.
                          • Items pages are categorized by item type (vegetables, fruits, etc).
                            • I will introduce sorting options in v1.6.1 (seasonal, high/low price, etc).
                      • Item pages can be scrolled using a mouse wheel.
                        • I will introduce clickable buttons to scroll in v1.6.1.
                      • Final Price = Base Price + Influencers + DR + Random
                      • I will be introducing some other drill down/hover text methods in future patches.
                      • DNPCC folder is now read from the Longevity mod folder instead of your game's content folder.
                      • Potentially fixed a rare issue causing errors with DNPCC and festivals.
                      • Other small improvements.

                      Dynamic NPC Clothing:
                      • New content for Leah (Content by @IronZelly):
                        • Fall clothing that comes with outdoor, indoor, and rain variations (Using dyed hair and no hat as current default).
                        • Hat and hair color variations will be fully implemented with unique triggers in v1.6.1.

                      Updated Timeline:

                      • v1.6 Patches (Releasing for the next few weeks):
                        • Additional content and further development of the in-game menu.
                        • Updating the DNPCC trigger system (Introduced Leah content requires a more dynamic system to fully utilize IronZelly's awesome work).
                        • Reworking the tax system's code (It is a simple feature that isn't very compatible with upcoming features).
                        • Changes to MCM and Pricing to support upcoming features.
                      • v1.7 (After v1.6 patches):
                        • DNPCD will be released in patch v1.7 (This will be a simple form that progresses overtime and as content is finished by dialogue writers)


                      1. Place 'Longevity' folder into your SMAPI 'Mods' folder.
                      2. Use content in 'MCM' folder to overwrite your game's vanilla content.
                      3. Use the provided configuration file to enable/disable Longevity's features.

                      *DNPCC is now read through the mod folder, NOT the game's content folder

                      Download: Longevity v1.6
                      Previous Version Threads: Longevity v1.0->v1.2 | Longevity v1.3->v1.4

                      Feel free to PM me your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.
                      Thank you!
                      • RTGOAT

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                        Longevity v1.6.1:

                        Longevity is now compatible and updated for Stardew Valley v1.2.
                        Since there are reports of v1.2 causing corrupted saves, I would advise starting a new game with v1.2.

                        In attempt to release this update as quickly as possible, it is not tested as much as I would like.
                        I will be around most of today and tomorrow to quickly address any issues with Longevity.

                        I will also post the update on v1.6.2 (covering what is in progress) later tonight after my exam.
                        • RTGOAT

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                          Longevity v1.6.2:

                          I've decided to break up the contents of my v1.6 to-do list into smaller patching segments.
                          The reason for it will be listed at the end.

                          Current [v1.6.2]:
                          • Added a sort by season button to item pages in the Longevity Menu.
                          • Added a configuration option to set the Longevity Menu hotkey (default: "Tab").
                          • Pierre should now sell the proper seeds on day 1 of a new season.
                          • Longevity menu should now properly close regardless of how it is closed.

                          Next [v1.6.3] (Release: Wednesday, May 3rd):
                          • Page 1 will be filled out.
                          • Page 2 will be filled out (rewriting tax code for compatibility).
                          • Clickable buttons to scroll on item pages.

                          Why more smaller patches rather than a single large patch?

                          -I've been experiencing issues with my computer's ram lately. It continues to get worse over time and could die any moment.
                          I'm graduating and expecting to work soon, however, it will take time until I can afford to replace my ram.
                          Should my ram die anytime before I can replace it, I would like to best minimize the downtime of updates and development to you guys.

                          -Also, with that being said, I have enabled donations through nexus mods, however, it was never an intention as I do this for fun!
                          Recently, I've been approached by more and more appreciative users looking to further support Longevity.
                          I'm already grateful for the positive support/feedback I receive now, however, as of now, I will accept monetary support.
                          There is no obligation or pressure; it is for those that would like to further extend support/appreciation for Longevity.

                          -For top donors, I will implement some form of gratitude into Longevity. (More on this later)

                          Thank you for your continued support!
                          • RTGOAT

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                            Longevity v1.6.3:

                            Most v1.6 patching is finished.

                            I will be fixing any bugs that arise over the next week or two, and making requested changes to Longevity Menu's interface.
                            Also, I'll be cleaning code in preparation for DNPCD.

                            Current [v1.6.3]:
                            • Finished the tax page of the Longevity Menu.
                              • It should display real time tax accumulation across all tax categories/sub-categories.
                            • Rewrote the entire tax code.
                              • While calculations remain the same, this was necessary for Longevity Menu compatibility.
                            • Added clickable arrow buttons on item pages to allow scrolling without a mouse wheel.

                            Next [v1.6.4] (Release: TBD):
                            • Finishing menu page 1 (Haven't fully decided what to with it yet).
                            • Menu drill downs (More on this if requested).
                            • General menu completion.
                            • DNPCD framework.
                            • More code cleaning and optimizations.

                            I will be entering finals fairly soon, so I may take a bit more time to complete and finish off the v1.6 series.
                            Moving into v1.7 is going to introduce a large system and will take time.

                            Let me know if you have any questions or concerns or ideas!
                            • llvllr30

                              llvllr30 Void-Bound Voyager

                              Sorry but why it say error ?
                              • RTGOAT

                                RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                                Well the description and sprite seem to be working so it looks like you have the right files in place.

                                Redownload Longevity and overwrite just the ObjectInformation.xnb again.
                                Let me know if that solves the issue, if not, I'll look deeper.
                                • llvllr30

                                  llvllr30 Void-Bound Voyager

                                  yeah its still have that problem and also change coffee bean to carrots i think
                                  EDIT: btw i already fix that error items, turn out i need to rebuy it but the coffee still error

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                                  • RTGOAT

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                                    The coffee is a result of playing on a game already in progress. Coffee plants are the only ones affected by MCM additions.

                                    They will become fixed if you plant any new coffee plants.
                                    • llvllr30

                                      llvllr30 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      ah ok, thanks you for that
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                                      • OhGeeEmily

                                        OhGeeEmily Aquatic Astronaut

                                        I've been waiting for DNPCD to download this but today realized a potential issue with another mod I have (I mean, I have loads so there's going to be a problem somewhere, but still.) I use this bundles mod:


                                        Would I have to pick between Longevity and the more-crops and this?
                                        • RTGOAT

                                          RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Longevity v1.6.5:

                                          I apologize for how much I have delayed this update.
                                          Thank you for being patient, and forgive me for taking more time to finish the DNPCD showcase.

                                          Current [v1.6.5]:

                                          • Permanent discord link posted on the first page of the info menu.
                                          • Info menu DR should now display accurately.
                                          • NPCs should now use their proper sprites when seasons change.
                                          • Spouse should now be in proper clothing when player wakes up.
                                          • All fruit trees should now bear fruit when it says they should.
                                          • Sodas (Beta) Added:
                                            • All fruit from fruit trees will become a soda when processed in a keg.
                                            • Sodas increase in value as more of them are sold.
                                          • New DNPCC Content!:
                                            • @Seismothesaurus:
                                              • Fall clothing for Jodi.
                                              • Summer clothing for Kent [hair cut variation to come soon]).
                                              • Fall clothing for Shane.
                                              • Summer clothing for Shane.
                                            • @Alvadea:
                                              • Fall Clothing for Evelyn.
                                              • Spring Clothing for Evelyn.
                                              • Jojamart Clothing for Shane.
                                              • Spring Clothing for Shane.
                                              • Winter Clothing for Shane.
                                            • @Yaushibee:
                                              • Spring Clothing for George.
                                              • Summer Clothing for George.
                                              • Winter Clothing for George.
                                              • Winter Clothing for Pam.

                                          Next [v1.6.?] (Release: ?):
                                          • The DNPCD framework is complete and awesome! Just as I wanted it :)
                                            • While complete, I still need to fill it with content that I'll be writing myself.
                                          • Any bug fixes will be fixed the Sunday after they are reported.
                                          • I'll be cleaning code and setting up a better credit/display showcase for DNPCC works.

                                          I intended to release a video tonight to cover patch notes, however I was having technical difficulties.
                                          I will finish and release it tomorrow; it will go more in-depth and cover current/future development.

                                          Thank you for your continued support!

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