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    Good day!
    I made Haley Winter Indoors sprite, you can potentially use it, since it's just an original sprite combined with Haley winter Outdoors one.

    I also have a question, if I want to hook additional sprites and portraits to a character what should I do? Is it possible to do that without digging into/compiling the source files?

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      Thanks for your effort. :) But to be honest, I'm not even sure if we stay so much longer with this as a winter outfit. It seems to be not really warm enough and since we also added fixes to our work (like changing weird looking proportions, wrong colours compared to the portraits and so on) and Haley got quiet a lot of them, this don't uses the right base sprite anymore. It would mean extra work to make this outfit fit again. This is why my own thoughts are to take this one as a WinterStar Outfit or something as soon as she gets some other clothes for winter. We'll see. ^^

      About your question - if you want to have other sprites and portraits in your game, of course you have to overwrite our files in the DNPCC folder. Or (as long as we don't have portraits for every time of the year for every character) create your own xnbs with the same name-structure, if there is no work for this char in the folder.
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