RELEASED Longevity v1.3->v1.4 (w/DNPCC)

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    Super excited RTGOAT! Looking forward to the update. Though, I already have the More crops continuation mod installed... I will likely have to do a new save huh?
    Also, I'm a graphic designer. Do you want me to make you an avatar for the forums?
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      MCM crop seeds will be sold at Pierre's during the seasons in which they grow.
      All new saplings will be sold, like normal, all year round at Pierre's.
      The season 2 crops (ex: garlic) will still be sold after year 1.

      This system is subject to change based on popular request or as needed for future features.


      I use the same (very similar) MCM data, so you could likely get away with a current save.
      Though I'm not sure what data the unofficial continuation uses.
      Try and experiment if you'd like (Just remember to back-up your save files)

      And I appreciate the offer, however, I'll likely just use a normal avatar of myself or something in the future. :p
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        Is it possible to just download the clothing part of the mod?
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          I don't think you can download it separately, but you can configure which parts of the mod you want with the config.json file:

          Just open it up in a text editor (mine is Notepad++, but regular Notepad works) set everything to "false" other than NPCClothing, and save. Not sure if it would cause problems with the mod to actually delete those other folders, though.

          By the way, this thread is for an older version of Longevity. If you want to follow updates, you can find the most recent thread here. :)
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            Thank you!
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              Do you accept sprite from other artist? im currently creating some crops sprite and would love if you add them to the mod, here is an example of what im doing

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              • RTGOAT

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                I use MizuJakkaru's sprites for crops.
                Because Mizu works on sprites exclusively, I would need to organize work between the two of you to ensure we don't duplicate.
                • Droid779

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                  Ok though im currently still in school and my schedule is a bit rough so i ill see if i can organize mine.
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                    Hey RTGOAT, you should add a description, what this mod does somewhere on top of this thread. Im new to stardew Valley and i cant find what this does, or maybe im just blind?
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                    • ebony71

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                      Hi I was wondering if there was an updated version of the mod without MCM? I use a mod for more crops but I like the other aspects of Longevity. Thanks!

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